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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by just_jay, May 18, 2008.

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  1. alrite lads, im currently an rlc driver, im up at leccie at the moment. im wanting to leave the rlc as its such a ******* lazy life, there is no soldiering done, the majority of the core are so ******* lazy , its basically a civvi job. alot of the infantry lot up here and they are all transfering into the rlc, i can understand why some fo them do it towards the end of there career as its an easy life, but im 17 and the easy life is boring, i dont feel as if im prospering at the moment, the shit pay and promotion doesnt realy help.

    write bak please .

  2. Wow, 17; clearly you have wisdom beyond your years.
  3. Firstly look within the RLC and see if any other trade fires you up as there are plenty which require you to have a bit more get up and go and will present a challenge.If that option fails start to look elsewhere within the army.

    Good luck but please ensure you make the correct decision and put your all into it and don't become twitchy every time it's not going your way.Each role has it's up's and downs,that goes for every job in the army
  4. Stick it out until you're 18 or over, then you'll be allowed to go on tours, and prehaps your viewpoint might change a bit, you might enjoy working in the RLC and have some pride in the job you do.

    By the sounds of it, you've only just joined, stay in for another year or two and if you don't like it then, then by all means try and transfer.

    As Dragstrip implies, you're only 17, there is no harm in staying in for another year or so, and if you want to transfer, you'll only been 19/20, you got time on your hands, so don't make rash decisions too quickly, think them through...

    ...unless of course you "have wisdom beyond your years." :D

    Hope this helps.

  5. Lecci is a hole, anyone will say that. but its not the rlc. ive done plenty of soldiering in the rlc (its corps not core by the way)

    Do you have your first posting yet? try and go to 13 regt or commando logs if you want soldiering and a career, any LSR is good too. or the pioneers is good if you want to back fill the infantry on tours

    Once you are 18 you will be out on tour getting shot at in your DROPS soon enough if that what you want, but think about all the infantry coming to the rlc, its for a reason!

    The promotion in the rlc is much much better than the infantry, especially if you are any good.

    Sh*t pay? dont forget all the extras you are getting, who is paying for you HGV training ect (remember that if you leave at 18 because you can anytime up to then with no obligation to the army, you will not be able to drive HGVs in civvi street because you cant get insurance till you are 25, the army has a waiver)

    good luck deciding, remember training doesnt last for ever,and the real army is very different. :D
  6. yer i want a posting to 13aa or 29 logi, but asking for anything at deepcut gets you nowhere, i know leccie is dof toffy, and yes alot of infantry do go RLC. but im finding the RLC such a doss , maybe ill reconsider when i get to my field unit but i dont want to get there and hate it, and have to wait till i can transfer.

    few of the RLC full screws ive spoke to said that promotion is shite, 5 year lance jacks and that. im wanting to do AACC. just have to wait till i get to my unit, isit a hard course to get onto ?
  7. try not to listen to those that work at lecci, they are not the top NCO's in the RLC, trust me! If you are good then promotion will come, thats anywhere in the army.

    Is it still the case where you choose area to live in rather than regt at deepcut? if not when you get your posting pref, prob when you have done lecci,then put 13/logs down. speak to your troop commander ( i know you have to once a week because of your age) and get them to ring glasgow and try for the posting you want.

    you will have to show them you are serious, ie be as fit as possible, not in too much trouble and have a good positive attitude and it should pay off!!

    AACC is not hard to get onto if you are at commando logs but anywhere else it is a bit tricky as you will be busy, but you can still do it if you show willing, just pester you regt when you get there.

    if you are serious then you really need to get as fit as you can to prove you are worthy of going to commando logs its that simple!!
  8. This is a wah. How many lads (joking aside) do you know who cant spell their unit name?

  9. loads dont know how to spell corps!
  10. Hear hear, I know a bloke that has just made S/Sgt in just under 12 years.

    If you get your head down, and aren't too bothered about making millions of friends, then promotion will come quickly to you.
  11. Or even Corps :wink:
  12. ...& it won't take long for the SSM @Deepcut to work out which of his mongs is slagging the corps off & wanting to play real soldiers:)
  13. Oh I don't know by the way this mong spells and talks, he will have a cast of thousands to choose from. 17 years old and wiser than the whole army put together. If I had someone like him in my Squadron in my day he would not last two minutes. Another wannabe
  14. What a t****r! You haven't even left PH2 training and you have the audacity to pass judgement on the Corps and its people. I think leaving the Corps is the best think for you as you obviously have an arrse attitude. That way our Tp Cdrs won't have to deal with you and your impending discipline/G1 issues.

  15. You have the audacity to state that 'there is no soldiering done'

    Just wait until you have clocked up a few Operational Tours, you have an awful lot to learn young man. Any soldier, regardless of cap badge, enters the battlefield the moment he (or she) leaves the relative safety of his (or her) COB, whether on a Combat Logistic Patrol, recovery task or an Immediate Response Team.

    Soldier first, get a grip!

    Another 17 year old who is the font of all knowledge.