Leave ?

Ok how to put this Son is at Bassingbourn 3rd week, Sister is going to have First Baby my first Grandchild, getting old at 47. Can he get time off say 2 hours too see his Nephew or niece, we only live in Stevenage :?:
Of course as long as he passes his saluting test in a couple of weeks he will have a long weekend to enjoy all that nappy changing.

that'd be a great training party to be in though nowing family members are ringing up on your behalf!!

LMAO when on post parade!! oh yeah if his birthday is whilst his still there send him a box..it'll cheer him up no end!!
Ok it was a no go but he will see her next week by the way a girl 7 pounds, on the other side going to get a T shirt made up with my uncle in the royal anglians or should it be my uncle in the Poachers which one should it be or both :D

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