Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by poplarcons, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    My son has just finished phase 2 at Blandford. He started his phase 1 on January 3rd this year, so far he has only requested 4 days off. He is due to go to Germany on Dec 4th, he has been given 2 weeks leave prior to this. We have a family holiday booked for December 19th for 1 week. He asked his Captain for the weeks leave but he has told him there is nothing he can do, he must wait till he gets to Osnabruck. He said he would rather go earlier and not have the 2 weeks leave but he was told that he has to have it. Dec 4th will be too late to cancel the holiday and we will loose alot of money, is there anything he can do?
    Many thanks
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I think you will find that he has had a few more days off than 4 in a year. Ask nicely and he might tell you the truth.....

    It is up to him to sort out. Writing to his new unit (RCMO) may help. Volunteering to do New Year as a duty may be a way ahead as well.

    Learn the lesson now. Booking holidays without insurance whilst you are ion the Services is not a good idea. Next time take it out early.
  3. Phone RCMO in Osnabruck.
  4. Don't think insurance would pay out in these circumstances as his leave hasn't been cancelled - he never had it agreed!
  5. Cut the apron strings.
  6. He needs to talk to his new unit to find out the arrangements for Xmas and New Years leave, and as has been suggested volunteer for New Years duties as a plea bargain for having Xmas off.

    One word of warning, alot of units will start block leave around the 19th, presumably he will need time off to get back to UK prior to flying out on holiday - he needs to bear that in mind.

    He wont find anything out without contacting his new unit. It wont cost him anything to phone on the military network and there should be contact details on his posting order. If he's worried about being told to wind his neck in, he could ask his Tp Staffy to phone on his behalf. He's got to organise his life, it wont hurt to ask.

    Finally, dont book holidays for your adult soldier son without confirming that he has the time off. Insurance wont pay for it if he's unable to go.
  7. What unit is he joining
  8. Hi
    Thank you for all your replies.
    The holiday has been booked for 18 months, before he joined up. I have insurance but as said before this won't be covered. He has only had 4 days leave, the other 2 weeks he had to take and was part of the phase 2 training, nothing could be booked as they were both short notice and had to be back at Blandford on the Sunday eveing in both cases. The apron strings are well and truly cut, this was supposed to have been our last holiday together. He is joining the signals that are attached to the 4th Arnoured Brigade. Thanks again.
  9. "He has only had 4 days leave, the other 2 weeks he had to take and was part of the phase 2 training"

    I think you'll find that this is classed as leave even if your son did not ask for it. During initial training leave is plotted into the courses, so quite often trainees get confused as they are being sent on leave but do not realise as they never actually asked for it.
  10. Unless things h ave substatntailly changed since I was at Blandford 2 years ago the course breaks are well known far in davance. I was told of when mine approximatly were on the briefing before our course started and a 2 second chat with the course admin types gave you actual dates for the stand downs. Sometimes for things such as Easter and Christmas theres slight confusion on the exact day but its always within 2 days of the planned date.

    And as said even though he was told to take them theycount as leave. In a normal unit you pick when you want your leave, within reason, but obviously you can't just go off on a whim whilst doing a course. it is technically not forced as you ahve the option of remaining on camp and doing regimental taskings but no-one in their right mind stays in Blandford when they don't have to
  11. poplarcons,

    Your son's 2 weeks leave prior to 04 Dec 06 are what is known as embarkation leave, as, basically, he is deploying from 1 Theatre (UK) to another (BFG - British Forces Germany). He is entitled to this as are all personnel similarly affected. On his (Sometime) return to UK on posting he will also be entitled to 2 wks Disembarkation leave - The same in reverse. This is extra to his normal entitlement of 30 working days.

    All the previous advice given here is relevent, however, I can understand your predicament. You booked your holiday before he enlisted & naturally wish to go away as a family as planned, entirely understandable.

    The problem exists because he is required to fill what is known as a Line Serial Number (LSN). What this means is that a job exists at 4 Bde Sig Sqn (204) which he is required to fulfill from that date.

    What this means for you is that (Bottom Line) the Army could & (Quite possibly) would hold him there over the period of your holiday, and justifiabely so.

    In practice, however, it's entirely (Highly in fact) possible that this won't be neccessary. The truth of it is that most units don't have a great deal 'Pecilled In' over this period 'cos it's basically silly season (XMas parties & so on).

    I agree with what Boney et al have so far said. The best course of action would be to get your son to ask his Tp SSgt to ring 204 & try to sort it out on his (Your) behalf. This really shouldn't prove too difficult - especially if he is willing to volunteer for some of the more unpopular duties over the following New Year period. It's all about give & take.

    Hope this helps,

    Vier Gluck!