Too much leave?

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Do we get too much leave??

With ops and exercises coming more frequently, we can pretty much guarantee more than the regulation 30 working days a year (I am currently on 5 weeks leave).

I welcome your comments.

I'm assuming you're talking about additional POTL that brings you above your quota? I've just finished my 6 weeks of Telic 6 POTL, which I'm guessing includes my christmas leave. Factor in the summer leave that we didn't get (or did we get that given to us before we left?) then I'm not too sure that I am getting too much.

Bottom line with POTL is that:
i) You've earned a bit extra
ii) It's a key part of the come down/stress management thang. I understand units aren't allowed to shorten your POTL because of this

Bet we can find people who have missed it though...

If you aren't including POTL, then perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree. Enjoy the extra I guess ;)
I am really struggling to take all my leave before April. I still have 13 days left and purely because of the position I hold within my Coy and having returned from Ops in May 05, I cannot get all the leave it. Prior to Xmas, I had 2 x weeks in Aug, but that was it. Being part of an independent Coy setup is not good either, esp when Reg and Bns have lots of Offrs who are able to cover, attend meetings etc, whereas if I went away for a considerable length of time, the work would simply be left there without anyone touching it.

Maybe the question to consider is not 'Do we have too much leave?'; it is more a question of 'Do we have enough spare capacity to take it?'
how much leave can you expect following an operational tour? is there a model to work from; eg - 6 month tour = 1 month leave? are you permitted leave while on ops?

cheers, westy

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