Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kingcal91, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. i am a trainee guardsman currently at Catterick, but what i want to know is once you get to battalion what is the deal with getting time off when you want it as i am thinking of booking to go away on holiday with some of my pals in July but want to know if i will be able to get the time off?
  2. up to your unit, should'nt be a problem but dont book anything til you go to your unit first, never know might end up somewhere hot and sandy, you need their permission for leave anyways
  3. problem is that my mates want to book it in the next couple of weeks, i think i will just put a desposit down and wait till battalion, or No.7 Coy which is the most likely to pay anything else,
  4. If you are COLDM GDS, why not just phone 7 Coy, which is more than likley your fist posting on passing out and check with the forecast of events? Things will change between now and next July, and your mates now may not be the same "good" mates you have next year.
  5. Always a good plan to ensure you have travel ins - your plans may change at v short notice!!

  6. You cant normally book leave when you want it. In an Infantry Battalion you normally get block leave and these dates are more or less set in stone (unless you do rear-party).
  7. Travel insurance is of no frikkin use what-so-ever. If you expect to be able to claim back holiday money as a result of booking trhen being sent on tour, you are in for a nasty surprise.
  8. Don't know about that buddy I bought a policy with Lloyds which cost me 16 quid, (a couple of years ago now) to protect my booking. Sure enough I was deployed at short notice, I claimed, supported by a letter from my CoC and the entire cost of the booking was paid out without a quibble. In all about 1200 quid. It was worth the minimal extra cost.
  9. I dare say you'll find the operational tempo has changed insurance companies outlook on this, see my thread with the findings of the financial Ombudsman regarding travel Ins for this very purpose.
  10. Page 22 of Lloyds current policy document states:

    Up to £5,000 if you or any person with whom You are travelling or have
    arranged to travel with are a member of the Armed Forces,
    Police, Fire, Nursing or Ambulance Services or employees
    of a Government Department and have Your/their
    authorised leave cancelled for operational reasons,
    provided that such cancellation or Curtailment could not
    reasonably have been expected at the time this insurance is
    purchased by You.

    link to policy doc:


  11. any Link please