Leave Yemen Now !!

Yemen Terror Alert: Embassy Staff Withdrawn

The US and UK withdraw their embassy staff in Yemen after a bugged call between al Qaeda leaders reveals plans for a major attack.

Britain and America have told citizens to leave Yemen "immediately" as the al Qaeda terror threat intensifies.

The UK and the US State Department have also instructed that their embassies should be evacuated and all non-emergency US government staff have been ordered to leave the country "due to the continued potential for terrorist attacks".

A statement from the UK Foreign Office said: "Due to increased security concerns, all staff in our Yemen embassy have been temporarily withdrawn, and the embassy will remain closed until staff are able to return.

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A real goldmine

Yemen's top exports:

Crude oil 81.5%

Refined oil products 11.8%

Fish & seafood 2.4%

Most of the remaining 4.3% of exports consists of various agricultural products.

.....aint that the purtyest sheep ewe ever laid eyes on? Oh,....and she has sisters.....I could fix you up!
Can anyone decipher the earring code there? :)
Gay, Welsh for preference?
Yemen is a fantastic country, spoilt by a few hundred fanatics in its 20 million population. When it all quietens down in years to come it will become a prime tourist destination.
Admit it, you brought a timeshare there 10 years ago thinking Yemen was a small fishing town on the southern coast of Spain, didn't you?


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I think that most of the "agricultural exports" are probably Qhat.

If there is to be a proper, FCO-authorised NEO, I wonder how many will take advantage? Though there may be relatively few 'English' people there, that's far from being the same as the number of British passport holders.
Another success for the global war on terror.

Go us!
Just what does Yemen have that is worth anything?
Well I was up in Beihan province for a few months in 1964/65. There was not a lot there, right on the edge of the Rub al Khali (Empty Quarter of 1,000 miles of desert) but the people were facinating, either your best friend or worst enemy, nothing in between. There were also relatively unexplored archeological treasures from the Sheban era.

I once flew up the coast between Aden and Salalah and thought the beaches below us were the best in the world. They just need some water supply and shark nets to make it a prime tourist area.
Worked there, never saw a women just pimply 14 yearolds with curly knives and an AKs, goats and national soldiers utterly off their guords on khat

Lawless ****ing tent dwellling throwbacks, " the original arabs" yep your not wrong there, still sat in the 16th century but driving oil paid landcruisers

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