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Discussion in 'RAC' started by N_LST, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. My recruiter asked if at the age of 31 the infantry was really such a good idea, what with running around fields at the age of 50 on the cards. So, after some soul searching I pinned my first choice down as RSDG MBT crew. I know the basics of life in Germany and have no problems at all but one thing I have been unable to find out at all is travel to and from Germany for weekends and leave periods. Are you able to jump on transports or are you required to take civilian flights back home? I have a fiance who will not be joining me far a good while once I am through and based there and while the answer makes no real difference to my decision, she wants to know if my pay is going to be spent on sleazyjet flights back home.

    Thanks in advice for any sensible answers.
  2. No you can’t and won’t travel back every weekend if you try to you will miss so much of Regimental life. Off and on I spent about 11 years in Germany I loved every minute of it both as a singly and married if you always have an eye on home you may miss the whole point of being in the army, the experiences, the comradeship and the down right good fun you will have (or miss).

    As for travel you will be entitled to so many warrants it use to be 3 but may have changed these are normally used for block leave periods, any other travel is at your expense so every weekend will be out of the question for most guys due to cost and time.
  3. Thank you. As I said, I'm not overly worried and the plan would be for her eventually to move over. Obviously we are expecting that might take a while to sort out. I wouldnt be planning on going home every weekend, but wanted to know what the score would be for times I did want to travel. The career very much comes first for me now but the more I can tell her to smooth the process the better.

    Thank you for taking the tme to reply.
  4. I have been out for a while but I'm sure one of the more current guys will fill in the gaps good luck and enjoy.
  5. Civ flights are readily available, and cheap if you plan it properly.
  6. I've posted before about being in Germany and the joys of getting home, so I'll just keep it brief. But if you want to go home fairly often to the UK, it's not so easy and you won't be doing it that often.

    Around 70 euros+ for a taxi to the airport each way (even if you get a lift from a mate it's still gonna cost you a bit). The flights themselves, which yeah, can be cheap, but not always. And then of course your transport home from the UK airport. Repeat in reverse to go back to Germany.

    Not to mention paying 50-100 euros when you get hit with a easter/summer/xmas duty and need to pay someone to do it for you.

    So all in all, if you still have interests back in the UK, don't join a regiment in Germany.
  7. In the old days,I used to get home about every 8-12th weekend,and that was really down to the cost.We used to muck in to fill a car with four of us and dash to Zeebrugge or Calais.It was still four hours to the port and then an overnight,not really a long weekend more a short one.Good luck.
  8. The Regiment you are interested in is serviced by three airports, the closest being Bremen, then Hanover, followed by Hamburg. RyanAir flights from Bremen are very popular (due to cost and timings (Fri evenings to UK and Sunday afternoon return flights)). Have a look to see what flights are like to your missuses closest airport. Book early and there are still bargins to be had.

    I served married unaccompanied in Germany for a year and travelled back to UK fairly often, but the significant number of exercises and and other commitments was the main limiting factor.

    As for the pay, you will get paid a considerable amount more for being in Germany (Living Overseas Allowance (LOA)). This goes some way to covering the cost of flights and phone calls home.

    I totally agree with Forks comments about missing out on Regimental / Army life if you are planning to spend all your spare time in UK, but as with most things in life there's a balance to be struck. From my experience most young lads in Germany have a girlfriend in the UK and most make it work. This doesn't need to stop anyone coming to Germany.

    Good luck with your application mate.
  9. Thanks all who replied.

    My thinking (I'm sure you could tell me if it is feasable or not) was maybe a weekend home once a month. Are exercises by and large announced well in advance? allowing time to make or break travel plans? Also, a few of you have mentioned missing out on the regimental experience by missing weekend. Is there a website that might give me some good reading on what this experience is? All I really have to go on are the brochures and the army website which I am taking with a little pinch of salt as thewy are designed to attract people rather than give an in depth insight.

    Cheers again
  10. You could always try arrse.co.uk :) Missing weekends i had shed loads of them in Germany :lol:
  11. For a period, I flew home every couple of weeks. It would I wouldn't arrive back home until late on the Friday and have to return on Sunday afternoon getting back in the evening, which wasn't the best but it's possible, and expensive.

    Exercises and regimental commitments are generally announced, but you can't be guaranteed you'll be free in 4-6 weeks time to make the most of cheap flights. All well and good booking flights early but then come that weekend find out you've got something on, a duty, late finish or whatever.

    As far as 'regimental experience', yeah people like to claim that every weekend in Germany is a fun filled, unique experience where you take in the most that Germany has to offer. This is great, but in reality not so frequent. People are always skint come the last couple of weekends of the month and you'll have no-one to go anywhere with.
  12. I'm hunting through mate, great website but not neccessarily the most user friendly for luddites like me ;)
  13. Thanks. from that I would guess the best way to work it might be trying to plan on the last weekend of every month as a rough guide, duty permitting. I supose an option would be her travelling over to Germany rather than the other way about, if exercises get in the way she can swan off somewhere cultural.
  14. You can´t put an "experience" on a website (maybe you can if you´re American!). What they are talking about is the comeraderie of living in a close community and the spontanious energy that this generates. All good units have this and the Scots DG is certainly no different if they are anything like I remember them. You work hard all week on the tank park, you go out on the lash on Friday, you play rugby on Saturday, you go round to a pads house for a BBQ on Sunday, you sort your personal admin out on Sunday night, that kind of thing. If you don´t take part in this kind of thing, you will always be considered an outsider, and even though it´s not written down anywhere, that kind of attitude will find its way into your reports and will shape the way you are viewed by your mates and your superiors. Weekends in UK in my day were about once every three months. Again, the troop road trip was a great and cheap way of doing it. My advice is if you are serious about your fiance, get married and get her out there ASAP. As a pad, you can still be very much a part of the regimental "experience".
  15. Exactly what I was looking fo, thanks for taking the time