leave the EU or stay ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. place your votes gents in the light of our recent dealings with the EU and Bliar fantastic giveaway for fcuk all.
    the French tossers getting their own way again !!
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  2. We should leave the EU now.
  3. Stay. Despite all of the recent rebate ball-ache, we do billions in trade (mostly in services) with EU countries and we risk exposing ourselves to tariffs if we leave. Businesses would face greater uncertainty, so would invest less, and therefore unemployment goes up.
  4. The EU not perfect, but peaceful compromise with the neighbours is better than the alternative.


    Supplementary question.

    How many of you who voted that Britian should leave have a family member living somewhere else in the EU or pla to work somewhere in the o UK EU?
  5. Amen Pteranadon. EU open borders have also introduced another popular phenomenon - the fit Lithuanian barmaid. Do these people realise the gift they are rejecting?
  6. Out and out now.
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  7. Out now, it's a talking shop for Knobbers that then inflict their barmy ideas on us. It's an insane waste of money - and worst of all, TCB's greatest ambition is to give us away entirely, then become President of the E.U.
  8. Out of the EU institutions but in for the trade advantages. We could negotiate a deal as good as we get now because our markets are as impoprtant to them as theirs are to us. The European Economic Area still exists and that might be a good basis for a move. There's no reason at all why we shouldn't have a barmaid friendly immigration policy without having to put up with the likes of Chirac and those gangsters in Brussels.

    And we should dump the European Convention on Human Rights at the same time. We wrote the bloody thing in 1945 to give the Euro lot the same rights we had had for years under British law.
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  9. The other issue is the reduced cost of BEER, WINE and CARS now that there is competiton. Here are some numbers..

    In 2003 Britons quaffed £5bn worth of wine. When I was a student the cheapest near ly undrinkable wine was around £2 per bottle with somethign vaguely drinkable starting at £3. Thirty years later you can still buy wine at £2-3 - despite inflation. If EU membership has saved the consumer about 20% a year, then thats about £1 Billion per year to us wine drinkers ....

    According to the British Beer and Pub association the British drink 28 million pints of beer a day approximately £10 Bn pints per year. We know EU imports have squeezed brewer profit marging because John Young bvleats about it in Youngs plc annual reports. If competition from continental imports has shaved 10 p a pint off the price then thats a saving of £1 Bn per year to us beer drinkers.

    Around 2.5 million new cars are sold in the UK every year. About 20 years ago British cars used to be 25% more than comparable vehicles on the continent. It used to be worth while buying a new car in Germany tax free, owning it for a year in Germany and two in the UK and still sell it for more than you paid in Germany! If the average price of a new car is £10k then British motorist is £5 Billion a year better off.

    These are around £7 Bn a year -the magic rebate number.

    But other than reduced costs, access to larger markets and eastern european totty in most London pubs the EU has done Absolutely Nothing.....
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  10. What's the point in this thread? Apart from Pteranadon, it's just one line statements with no knowledge or thought. As I said in the other thread:

    The focus should be here.

    Simply stating "I want out cause I hate the french, yeah", is a waste of all our time.
  11. Are you mad? :D
  12. Out of the political and legal influence of Brussels, certainly. And while we're at it reinstate trade with the Commonwealth our masters turned their backs on. If possible, leave.
  13. Withdraw from Europe, pick a fight with the French then invade... the perfect solution!
  14. Out and out now, as regards tariffs, since we import more from the EU than we export we could slap tariffs on their goods, who would hurt more?

    As for cheap cars, wine and beer, the money pumped into Europe could have saved our own car industry (ok maybe, don't forget we paid a lot of tax on new cars, wonder where that money went?) and Jap motors are better anyway. Beer might be cheaper if we didn't have to pay loads of tax in order to keep Ireland et al, in the style they have become accustomed to thanks to our generosity, and as far as wine goes, New World wines are as good as, if not better than European plonk.

    If Britain left, the EU would fall apart pretty rapidly, who else is stupid enough to pay for those nice French farmers to do F**k all!
  15. You're a moron. They put on a tariff of 10%, we put on 15%, they put on 20%. See where this is going?

    I'm just glad that you're in no position of Authority.
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