Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by newlynpirate, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello, if i was to leave regs after 14 years and join mpgs does my pension carry on and can i start it if i was to leave mpgs at 40?
  2. Yes if you left now you would have the option to carry your pension on. YOu can join at 40 and you can either carrry your pension on or restart it so you would have a 22 yr and then a 15yr if you stayed in. But remember you will start at Pte and your pension may be lower at the end of your MPGs service
  3. ah but can this be done with the old pension 75???
  4. Yes mate, many of the MPGS lads have still got the 75 pension.
  5. Possibly a silly question, but:

    Why would you leave the Regs with the intention of joining the MPGS? Surely you should aim for something with more prospects and target your resettlement stuff towards that?

    The MPGS is the last call of the desperate.
  6. I wouldnt say it's the last call of the desperate. Im a qualified sparky but earn the same money in the MPGS as a full screw as I would working in civvy street as a sparky plus only work 5 and a half months a year.

    Ive been in the MPGS 3 years and in that time have done ECDL free, a computer technician course, free and am about to start a Web Design course with a view to working for an IT firm on my days off.

    Desperate? I dont think so.
  7. With 4 days on and 4 days off the MPGS provides an ideal platform for people who want to study, run thweir own business or have a second job whilst saving money for a house due to single or married accomodation.

    Fools game??? I have £1300 pocket money a month after three years MPGS service - how much pocket money do you have stabtiffy2b?
  8. Best thing i ever done , Easy life..
  9. Hmmm.

    Would appear that I'm wrong then. Going at it from another angle:

    From what I've seen the MPGS do shag all apart from the old Barrier Technician thing. Therefore could any of you justify why you get so much time off and so much cash?
  10. ST,

    These guys do a good job, so let's look at it from another angle. Would you rather MPGS did the job or would you rather we revert to your blokes stagging on again?

    On the subject of time off/pay they get paid the market rate for standard hours that are aggregated into 4 day cycles to meet guarding/security requirements. Nothing sinister and nothing to get excited about.

  11. Of course not. One of the things I never understood was why spend a career trying to avoid stagging on, to leave and then choose it as your only task?

    This is purely to aid my understanding of what the MPGS do. If I'm well informed, I might stop taking the p1ss out of them (although it's unlikely).
  12. Take the p1ss all you want fella, you wont be the first or last.

    We get so much time off because in our 4 day cycle we work 12 and a half hours a day, thats 50 hours. Take off the hour and a half break (if you're lucky) and thats down to 44 hours in 4 days.

    Lets look at the unit I work at now.

    The average guy comes in at 8, has half an hour at 10, and an hour at lunch, then finishes at 4:30. So thats 7 workable hours a day X 5.

    Gives you 35 hours a week.

    44 to 35...see the difference here?

    Now granted some MPGS sites do more, some less, then again some services sites do more and some less.

    So now you tell me where all this time off of ours comes from?

    And for your other point...why did I join the MPGS when I spent my career dodging guard? Stability, time to do courses I want, free medical, free dental, free gym, cheap quarter, good holiday, pension, a garuanteed job until 55...need I go on?
  13. Thanks for this. I take your point that you get lots of benefits. However, I'm still curious as to what you do? Is it just stagging on? If it is then it seems you get paid over the rate for (let's be honest) a pretty simple job?
  14. I dont think so. We get paid a normal army wage les the "X factor" because we are not deployable which I think is something like 5% less.

    Granted we are barrier technicians, but we are also the security for any unit we are at. Our job is totally security, where-as before the mpgs you'd get your usual lads pinged for guard duty, who didnt want to be there and didnt really give a toss. Now you've got a dedicated security unit, most of whom want to be there and most of whom know their stuff when it comes to suspect packages, IED's, shootings, proxy bombs etc etc

    Feck me I sound like and mpgs recruiter. Im not. The mpgs for me is a job, pure and simple. I'll go in, do my job, go home, thats it, same as any other working stiff. As I said in an earlier post Im a qualified sparky as is my civvy mate. Now he earns 2K more than me a year, he works his nuts off Monday to Sunday and gets stressed to feck, and for what?

    Its not for me mate, I like my job in the MPGS, its not for everyone but I'd reccommend it to anyone getting out.

    Another thing, it definitely depends on the site you're at too. My last site was w@nk, so w@nk I nearly left, but this one Im at now is grand and Im happy. So site and boss is definitely a factor.
  15. Buggrit has valid points.

    Also you get the chance to catch up on edumacation. SLC and ELC are available and fool to him who doesn't use them. Also, you are allowed to have jobs on the side!

    This can boost your wage from say 22.000 to 35.000 easy!
    Seen it done.

    Look at the other side - PENSION. Some civvy lots don't offer a pension, here you got the choice between the 75 and new one. Now you can carry your old one over or start on the 05 model if in receipt of a pension.

    No excercises, deployments and site guards. (ho ho - site guards, gerrit?!)

    Some people are sick of never being at home and no, that's not what you join for (TA yes, regs - no).

    Life is sweet and honestly, you don't need to do much for a decent wage when combined with the assorted package which comes along with it.