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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Roger_Ramjet, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm due posting soon, my LTA is 16 June. Whats the score with relocation leave? Do I have to take it straight away from the 16th or can I delay it for a couple of weeks? If I go on leave straight away I wont get HO/TO.
  2. depends on your new unit, you wont be able to take it till after your LTA most units seem pretty lenient and should let you take it after a settling in period! Hope this helps
  3. Normally a unit will have you in work for the first week, to book you in and get you onto their systems. Leaving it a couple of weeks is normally fine but it all really depends on the unit who's taking you on strength. With it being 'Relocation' try to take it as soon as you can otherwise someone might try to fob you off with the old, 'You've relocated now so tough, too late!' :p
  4. Remember the rules have changed so only 1 day if intra-theatre move. 10 days only valid for inter-theatre moves. Slightly generalised, but most relocation is now only 1 day.
  5. Your relocation leave should be taken when you get to your new unit.

    Just speak to present/new unit CoC and it should be fine.

    BTW, you off to Cyprus?
  6. It also depends on who is the lead service at the unit that you are going to, inter theatre moves to other services, as they have not signed up to the 10 day thing, will only attract 1 day.
  7. Yes I am. How did you know?

  8. Your, how much LOA thread :wink:

    Bottom end of the island I presume.

  9. Yep, Akrotiri. Devastated. How am I going to cope?