Leave phase 2???

I recently completed my phase 1 training and am currently on leave whilst i wait to go to Gib to start my phase 2 training.Now since applying to join the army my personal situation has changed a great deal and although i chose to stick in with basic i would like to know how i stand at phase 2 cos i've heard quite a few different things.Is DOAR a possibility for me?and,if not,is there any alternitives for leaving the army?I'd just like to know the facts and how i stand so any replys are appreciated.Cheers
if your under 18, you can get out easily. if not, your circumstances will have to be exceptionally dire to get a discharge. im sure doar is only valid for the 1st 12 weeks.if none of the above works, grin and bear it and do your 4 years like a man.

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