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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Mighty_Blighty, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents of ARRSE,

    The following is a link to help missing Maddie fund. I'm sure some of you out there would like to donate. As the father of 2 young girls, I have donated, as I would like to think that if anything like this ever happened to me or someone I know, then help would be at hand.

    Any unused funds will go to help find missing children in the UK, or overseas in similar circumstances.

    Thankyou for your generosity.



    Edited to add - it's a busy site, so it can be a bit slow at times.
  2. The poor girl's name is Madeleine, not Maddy. Maddy is simply a construct of tabloids who want snappier headlines for their rather salacious reporting (IOT sell papers). Her parents have already asked for people to at least respect that.
  3. Which of course that means that her parents would turn down charity from people because her name has been made into a diminutive. :roll: Honestly, of all the things to get arsey about!
  4. Yeah, you're right. What's in a name, after all? I don't know why we bother with them.
  5. I understand your point as my parents don't like my siblings' and my names being shortened, but why have a dig at MB when he was drawing attention to a charitable fund?
  6. Does it really matter if we use Madeleine or Maddy/Maddie as long as

    people are doing something about finding her, her family (aunts and

    uncles) use Maddy so why cant we the public who are all thinking of the

    family at this awful time do the same, we all want the same end result.
  7. Fair point. Sorry, MB, not intended as a dig at you, just a personal (and perhaps bit irrelevant) rant at tabloids. Keep up the good work.

    Friends now DB?
  8. But of course! :blowkiss: :D
  9. Even if there were to be no financial donation, simple moral support is a start. I made 300 small ribbons for individuals to wear within my station, including 12cm of yellow ribbon to hang on arials, trees etc. I asked for no money, just support by wearing it.

    To date only 12 people have taken one, one parent told me their daughter wore it to school and was asked,'What's that for?'.

    I have a direct interest in this, my daughter was nearly taken by a Predator last year, if not for a sharp-eyed neighbour, I don't want to think any further.

    I would ask all out there to spread the word, a neighbour just got back from the UK and said that there was very little happening. Tie a yellow ribbon to a tree, a fence, wear a yellow ribbon, anything to show that she is in your thoughts.

    Tonight I will light a garden candle for her;

    'In the deepest darkness of Night, may she see the light and know that we are thinking of her.'

    Come on - pass it on!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Id love to help turn every stone, now stonehenge might be a challenge, but what if little Madeliene is underneath Ayresrock in Australia, we'll never find her
  11. Do you have children?
  12. as a matter of fact yes! I also have a sense of humour! I cant wait for her to be found just trying to make people chuckle
  13. well said. :cheers:
  14. I have symapthy for the child, and empathy to the parents experience of tension and anxiety ... however, this is a bizzare media situation.

    What on earth is going on - the parents have met the Pope ... there is unbelievable media coverage ... there is a fund raising effort

    can we all honestly say that the same would be the case if the situation had happened to a single mum called Tracy, from the Rhondda?? I suspect not