Leave it to the Professionals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tonka, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. LOL :D :D :D :D I think the RM could use that for recruiting into their lot.

    well about 27mb download! don't ya luv broadband.
  2. Classic Tonka :lol: wonder which woopert came up with that bright idea :lol:
  3. A blinding video, but I'm not too sure the Marines should be so smug. Who did they need when they had some real kit to move during the war? The Royal Engineers of course, to ferry the tanks onto the Faw peninsular so they had armoured support. We were supposed to ferry a troop of Chally across and they were so impressed they kept us there for 12 days. :D

  4. Starting to feel like an idiot, and that isn't an opening to be heaped upon, but am unable to open the above link? anyone else?
  5. May well be because you are an idiot??
  6. You couldn't open a tin of beans, love.
  7. Okay starting to feel like you do actually know me DS....
    Kitchen not my forte.
    And I still can't open the link!
  8. Bit harsh bignickers - and I expected more from you DS.....

    No BB1810 - it has taken me ages to try and download it too - if you ain't got broadband it will take about two hours.
  9. The only Broadband you've seen Chubby, is the one which holds up your knickers! 8)
  10. Oooh - that smarted. No chance of a s*&g now for you I'm afraid.

    Ho hum - your loss.
  11. I'M SORRY!!!!
  12. Flowers, chocolates and kebabs first then.

    I might forgive you......

    If I can ever stop crying......
  13. Stop playing hard to get.......kebebs on the second date only!
  14. OhOh Kebab joke....
    What do you call an iranian baby?
    A kebaby.... 8O
    How do you get it to go to sleep?
    You say Shish Kebaby.... 8O