Leave It Out Ken

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Markintime, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. I've just received this email and have done as they requested. Put in your details including post code and it will automatically address your email to your local MP.

    I changed the Best wishes to Yours sincerely but other than that just left the template extant.

    The Royal British Legion recently launched a vital campaign tohelp bereaved Armed Forces families. Thousands of supporters have already takenpart. Click hereto email your MP – it takes less thana minute, and you don't need to know who your MP is!

    How we treat bereaved Armed Forces families speaks volumes about us as anation, and about the Government’s priorities.

    Parliament, the public, and bereaved Armed Forces families all agree that theChief Coroner is a vital post that will drastically improve the experience ofbereaved Armed Forces families. If Ken Clarke, the Minister responsible,includes the Chief Coroner in the Public Bodies Bill (a law currently goingthrough Parliament), the Chief Coroner will not be appointed. This woulddeprive bereaved families of the independent leadership essential to the reformof the coroners system.

    The Legion believes bereaved Armed Forces families deserve better. They havesuffered enough.

    We need you to email your MP
    and persuade Ken to leave theChief Coroner out of the Public Bodies Bill.

    You can find out more at www.leaveitoutken.org.uk.

    Thank you for your support.
    Best wishes,
    The Royal British Legion Campaigns Team

  2. Message en route to Tory boy.
  3. Signed!
  4. Done and on the way to my MP who happens to be a LimpDem but we live in hope!!!
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  7. done and bump
  8. dockers

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  9. Got this reply two days ago...

    Many thanks for your email. I appreciate your concerns.

    The Government is in complete agreement with you about the need for reform of the coroner system
  10. Unfortunately i have The Laughing Gnome Hazel Blears so i don't expect much from her with the track record it has. But sent anyway