Leave in phase 1

Hi I start phase 1 on July 30th at Pirbright and I know that you get a long weekend after 7 weeks but I was wondering if you get an time off after that during phase 1?
I have a family wedding and it would be on about the 8th or 9th weekend of my phase 1 and I just wondered if anyone knows my chances of being able to go?
Be brief fella your in Basic training not at Butlins.
could try getting back squadded a couple of weeks ...

i kid, of course you shouldn't try getting backsquaded, maybe ask about compasionate leave? How close a relative is it?
like 1 guy said its not butlins.....you aint even started yet and you already want time off.....while training you got no chance...if you want to go to the wedding then go to ya local afco and ask for a later phase 1 starting date

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