leave him alone in the wild - permanently.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ritchie-Hook, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. My apologies if I am covering old ground, I missed the first episode, but what was that character up to on Channel 4 last night?

    The format of the program appeared to be that he had been paid to go camping in Canada, do some fishing, set a few traps, live off his "backup" rations and if it all goes wrong activate his distress beacon to get a float plane home.

    What a fantastic holiday, I'm sure if CH4 had put an add for it on here they would have had numerous applicants many of whom would have done it for free.

    Now I don't begrudge him the opportunity, I assume it was an idea he pitched at them, so fair play. What made me hurl abuse at the television was his moaning. "I'm so tired, my pack's so heavy, I'm scared of bears (despite the fact I'm armed.)"

    He had:

    Nothing to do.
    Put the floppy on first stag every night.
    Covered ground at a pace of his choosing.
    When the hunter/gatherer effort didn't work, dig into his rations.

    Was anyone else desperate for a psychotic CSgt to jump out of the bushes order a change of command, rip the binos and prismatic (camera) off him, load him up with the 352, some GPMG link and a concrete LAW, crack a smoke grenade and order a 20km extraction. Then let the sweat dripping off him under 3R choke his moaning.

    I am no TV exec but surely:

    no rations
    no weapons
    no distress beacon
    an extraction point on a specified date at a specified time at considerable distance from the drop off

    would make far superior TV.

    I shall not be watching next week.

    Rant over.
  2. They allways seem to get a complete useless wonk doing this kind of thing, the stupid git would have had difficulty in his local park FFS
  3. Ray Mears or your average PTSD suffering ex squaddy would probably think of it as a holiday
  4. He was booing like a school girl in episode one, waste of skin!!

    "I've been up everest" no doubt on the back of a sherpa you gayer!!

    Still not as painfull to watch bear fecking grylls
  5. Didnt see last nights but watched the first episode and was less than impressed. The bit where he was moaning about being hungry then sh*t himself and ran off when a bear appeared, despite being armed and bears being made of meat, made me chuckle though.
  6. Never mind chaps....Strictly Come Prancing starts tonight! Big sigh of relief from all you hetero-tiger types!! :D
  7. I'm hoping the final episode goes all "Grizzly man"
  8. Which would probably have most here running to the woods. :)

    For our wilderness enduring docu maker, any chance that the final cut will be his stumbling on some Vietnam vets with Cavatina playing in the background as the camera records the bullet pass through his skull?

    Second thoughts, the Gimp's got it right - as one big mother of a brown bear decides that dinner is served.
  9. Not watched any of it but seem to remember from the publicity beforehand saying that the knob sent out into the wilderness completely bogs it. He has to be rescued suffering from starvation, dehydration and exposure not long into his trip. And that someone is thinking of sueing Channel 4 (?) for negligence in putting the arrsehole out there in the first place!

    Sorry if I've ruined the ending for anyone........ I should have done the oikball thing of saying 'if you don't want to know the final score, look away now', but I didn't!
  10. Still not as painfull to watch bear fecking grylls

    At least that prat has some sort of objective,(albeit ably suppported by a well equipped team/luxury hotel/dozen sherpas.) This chap just seems to be aimlessly camping out with no penalty to his ineptitude.

    If he doesn't snare a rabbit he eats his rations.
    If he ever stops sh**ting his pants for long enough to actually encounter a bear he can shoot it.
    If it all gets too much then in comes the float plane and off home to mummy.

    There is no purpose or objective to it. How can bimbling around a forest crying possibly be subject matter for a television program?

    I just cannot fathom it.
  11. Well he ain't Jeremiah Johonson is he, good film though
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It does come across as a bit of a pointless holiday show to be honest. At least with the "Bear Grylls action show" there is a bit of 'ommph" and music and all that. This was just him moaning at having to cross some fallen tree's and saying how much he wanted to sack it.
  13. I'm now going to watch it just to see him suffer the humiliation of failing so spectacularly !