How much leave are you giving back?

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As we approach the end of the leave year, how much leave are you giving back?? I am loosing none but carrying over 15 days to next year! Sweet - nice long holidays!

There were more options but I am not sure I can work them!

I believe the CoC should be monitoring leave to ensure that we take all of our leave. Do you see it in action?

Carrying over 15, losing none, that said I have been doing Lord Lucan impressions for the last couple of months to get it in.
I wonder how much you would lose if the MOD had to buy back any outstanding leave?
Carry over 13, therefore losing none - but first year I can remember where I have 'caught up' :) Must have been due to long enforced leave between postings as I certainly haven't had my fair share of leave since taking up my current post....... Expect to lose out next year..... :-(

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