Leave from Afghanistan cancelled

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. All leave from Afghanistan has been cancelled due to lack of aircraft and the situation in Cyprus with the Lebanese -ooopps sorry, British nationals being flown home. Anyone in the know who can shed more light.

    When will leave be back on ?

  2. Does that mean as i'm currently on R+R that i'll not be able to get back out there??? :D
  3. What a bonus !

    My brother was due home Tuesday and has been told that no-one is going anywhere so i guess it applies both ways.
  4. Why not charter aircraft for the Lebanon/Cyprus evacuations and get the Foreign Office to pay the bill, rather than messing the troops about...sorry, being naiive again!
  5. Because troops are second rate citizens. British nationals who probably moved to the middle east to evade paying tax are much more a priority!
  6. Total sh1te r+r is not cancelled, and it never will be. Who ever told you this is talking out of their hoop and obviously doesn't know their arrse form their elbow
  7. R+R probably isn't cancelled but if there are no aircraft you can't fly, postponed is the term I believe. Didn't this happen a few months ago as well, seem to remember a guy stuck in UK trying to return to Iraq?

  8. Well i heard it from my brother who is a Sgt serving out there at the moment in ISAF headquarters and it's definately CANCELLED.
  9. That is what I'd describe as a bad buzz backed up by inflammatory suggestion

    Rubbish effort
  10. But the disgruntled para still bites
  11. Sounds like hoop to me. We're not using any of our AT to move expats back from Cyprus. They wouldn't lower themselves....
    At Lyneham we're just using a few "non-war goers" to give some landrovers air experience out to Akrotiri. Rest of our fleet is still in place in K and B.
  12. There was this http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1068782006 in yesterdays 'Scotland on Sunday'.

    Aid staff poised for evacuation of Afghanistan
    BRITISH aid agencies have drawn up emergency plans to evacuate up to 2,000 charity workers from Afghanistan, months after thousands of UK troops arrived to help stabilise the country.

    As the Royal Navy directs the huge operation to lift thousands of British citizens out of war-torn Lebanon, it has emerged that the British community in Afghanistan is poised for a similar operation if the security situation there continues to deteriorate.

    Any connection?
  13. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I remember assisting in the planning and route/loc recces for evacuating all the British nationals (Embassy, expats, NGOs and even UK troops) from Kabul when I was there in 2002 - we never used them, they were CONPLANS (ie it is SOPs to have plans for contingencies), or, as the press would put it in their usual overstated way, emergency plans.

    If the aid agencies weren't drawing up emergency plans for evacuation I would be worried - at least this shows that they are thinking ahead. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to leave.
  14. well as we have just had one guy go on leave yesterday and another the week before it obviously isn't! Your brother probably doesn't like you so he lied and said leave was cancelled so that he wouldn't have to see you.

  15. What a naughty man ! Who wouldn't want to see ME
    I am a great bloke to be around- very modest too.