Leave - flights paid for and leave cancelled??!!??!!

Dear all,

I have the problem of being stationed in the UK and my wife living & working in Germany. I take my leave in Germany and fly there accordingly.

I book my flights AFTER my leave apps have been approved.

Got told today, that one set of leave has been cancelled (the end of next month) and I have already booked and paid for the flights!

Do I get re-imbursed or does my leave take precedence as it certainly will be a non excercise and non deployment **** around (I reckon it will be due to one lads wife being ready to drop their 2nd kid and we are slightly strapped for blokes. He will be taking 2 weeks maternity leave).

Help? PLEASE......
I am a wee bit rusty on the regulations - but I seem to remember that leave can only be denied for operational reasons (yeah I know - real life isn't like that) according to the Army Leave Manual 2000 edition.

In the circumstances you describe it appears that you have every right to redress the fact that leave is cancelled after it has already been approved - this should have the desired effect of re-instating your leave. If this fails try submitting a claim for Refund of Nugatory Holiday Expenditure. It is a real pain in the arrse, and involves your unit having to compile statements and documentary evidence etc - but will probably have the effect of making them give you the leave as it is easier!

Good luck anyhow!
You should not have to suffer financially if you were not aware that the leave could have been cancelled and booked the flight in good faith. If I remember correctly there is provision for refunds in certain circumstances; the RAO should be able to advise.

An annual travel insurance policy that includes 'exigencies of HM Forces' under the cancellation section is probably a good idea, too. Yes, you have to pay the premium, but it will probably be less than one set of cancelled flights.
Thanks chaps - greatly appreciated!

Fraid you won't get anywhere nugatory holiday expenditure is only payable when leave is cancelled due to imminent deployment on unforseen operational tour. Leave can still be cancelled due to the "exigencies of the service" Wonderful thing insurance!
I had always understood that whilst leave may be denied for valid Service reasons, with no come back for cancelled holidays, leave that's been formally approved cannot be cancelled except for operational reasons.

If there's no such reason then you should have grounds for redress and it would be appropriate for redress to be either (a) your leave back or (b) your money back. As (a) is within the gift of your CO but (b) is not, you ought to be able to achieve (a) by the process of an informal complaint.

However, I'd check out the Army Leave Manual first, if I were you. This sort of detail is a bit out of my sphere so I can't be sure of my facts.

I'm not certain, but I don't think you've got any comeback (exigencies of the Service and all that).

As others have mentioned, travel insurance is a good idea. My NatWest Advantage Gold current account includes travel insurance, which specifically covers reimbursement of travel costs for armed forces personnel, who cannot travel for service reasons. The extra tenner per month for the AG Account is worth it just for that.

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