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i have always thought your leave entitilement was from april to april but i have been told that the leave year but your leave entitlment is from the date you joined so i have only taken 12 days so far as i have just come out of training and was planning to use my other day later on for christmas but i have told i am in next years entitlement and i haven`t had time to request these days to be carried over. so my leave entitlement is from sept 20 to sept 20 any body know more or a way i can get my other days back
Please speak english. If you can manage this feat, you may then receive a reply that will aid your cause.
A visit to the Chief Clerk's Office would be a good way to get your question answered.

He/She'll be able to pull up your leave record, and explain what is going on with your leave.

Looks like you've either been misinformed, misunderstood, misled, or all of em at once.

:roll: If it was your CC who told you, then I suggest you start praying... You're doomed


darth_fokker said:
Please speak english. If you can manage this feat, you may then receive a reply that will aid your cause.
Punctuation wouldn't go amiss either.
The leave year does indeed run from April to April but if you joined after April, then you get a proportion of that year's leave. If you joined in September, then you would get 7/12 of your 30 days = 17 days for this leave year.

Ran out of leave already? Firstly, you should have planned ahead. Secondly, you can't use any part of next years entitlement. Thirdly, guess you are stagging on at Christmas then.

(PS. I am not a clerk, just someone who has had to explain this too many times)
Just out of training and already used 12 days leave?!!!!!!, fcuk me I wish it was like that when I joined.

Tip 1.

Don't listen to the duty rumour from the 10 year tom who also doubles up as the barrack room lawyer/union rep, go to the shiny arrses and get it from the horses mouth.


Has anyone sent you for a long stand or tartan paint yet? :wink:
how can u have used so much leave up just coming straight from training. surley its the training establishments fault this has happened and not yours. i have been around a bit and have never know any one to have "run out of leave" u must have taken a hefty amount of long weekends to screw this one up. RAO should sort it,if not, make a fortune buying duties during block leave. every one will love u for it.

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