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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    Start phase 1, 14th January at Lichfield, I've got a question which I'd rather ask the lads on here then one of the corporals when I get to phase 1!!

    From What date can you request leave, after phase 2? or when?

    I can imagine asking one of the corporals there and them saying, "leave, already!!", so I just wanted to know from when you can take leave.

    trust me I will be concentrating 100% on passing phase 1 and 2, but just did wonder as to when you can request holiday (leave)


  2. I would expect it to be after phase 2, when you hit a unit, and actually start doing your job. But then, you've probably had a bit of leave at the end of training, so might be a good idea to give it a while!

    Just a guess, no idea really!
  3. Depending on what the length of training is now, you still may get Easter leave if still in phase 1. More than likely you will be in a block leave situation, during phase two, but can apply for leave there.

    Hope this helps
  4. At your unit i think,
    As its phase 1+2 "Training" you need to be there.
  5. Ooh Easter leave, that hadn't occured to me!
  6. There is likely to be a 'block leave' during phase one (although I could be mistaken) and generally there is a period of time between ending phase one and starting phase 2, although that depends on the timings of the courses, if they are particularly spaced out you may join your expected unit briefly before phase 2. So the leave you are 'entitled' to would work the same way as any other job, you do a certain amount of time to build your entitlement at first (ie my-civvy- job 65 days to start earning paid holiday up to a max of whatever it is paid days off over the 12 months), whether the training periods would count to this I dont know.
  7. You are thinking like a squaddie already! :!:
  8. you don't necessarily get Easter leave during training, the only holiday like that you do get is Christmas. I know you get a long weekend after week 6 then i think you get a week or two after phase 1 then straight on to phase 2 which you do get leave in. As for leave after that you might be able to book leave or you only take it as and when your unit has block leave, i think it depends on what your joining.

    You will get a full brief there from your platoon commander, hope it helps a bit.
  9. Woah!

    You haven't started training yet and thinking about leave already :p
  10. its deffo after phase 2 training, although u get a long weekend during the phase 1 training, a break once passed out and then another weekend i think during phase 2 etc