Leave / Duty Question

Forgive me for leaving my Logistics brethren but I have a question that would probably be better suited to this forum.

Are there any regulations regarding being on leave (submitted on JPA and approved) and being on duty (duty phone held, on call with a restricting NTM).

If there are, could someone please direct me to the relevant page, paragraph and publication.

Thanks in advanced.
Really? You need a JSP to tell you the difference between leave and duty? I don't have the reference you're looking for but I do know that leave is considered a vital rest period. As such you should be able to relax. If you're waiting on the duty phone to ring you are under some amount of work related stress, albeit quite small. Stress is quite often a collection of small things that eventually overwhelm the individual.

If you have the duty phone cancel your leave. If you aren't allowed to cancel your leave go somewhere you can't get a mobile signal.

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