Leave during training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by zippy_07, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if topic has been posted before (havnt seen one)...

    Starting at catterick on 21 october, Was just wondering if i get leave during the christmas period, My mate who is x-marines said he got 2 weeks leave at xmas just wonderd if this applys for the army aswell...

    cheers arrsers :D
  2. Yeah you'll get xmas leave ;-)
  3. lovley job bossdog
  4. But you have to wear uniform and phone in every day. Church parade on Christmas morning too. Great stuff.
  5. is that to tell your corporal wether you got that teddy bear youve been asking father christmas for all year....
  6. It should tell you on your Joining Instructions your recruiter will give you what the leave dates are.
  7. i start trainin in jan but got a holiday bookd for 2 weeks at easter will tehy give me the time of even if its 1 days befor every 1 else gets leave
  8. Do me a favour you cunt!
  9. Of coures they will. The MT Pl will even give you a lift to the airport in a landrover and carry your bag for you. TIT.
  10. If you are lucky, your boss may give you lunchtime off on December 25th so that you can visit Tiny Tim in the orphanage.

    "Merry Christmas one and all... cough... cough!"
  11. C'mon guys, let them know the truth, they're only asking a question.

    Leave's been cancelled this year due to operational commitments. This happens every few years and it just so happens to be this year. So you'll probally spend christmas in Afghanistan. Being only partly trained you won't have a rifle or body armour and will be expected to carry the jobs of LECs, who have been given christmas off.
  12. Man, if I get in, and I am doing training around a holiday period, I don't know if I'd want leave, since I'll have nowhere to go!
  13. :D :lol: :D Made me giggle.
  14. Yes you get leave!!!! all recruits usually get at least 2 weeks leave, i should know my hubby works there.