leave during training.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by big_dave_r, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Firstly, I’m sorry if this is not the correct section.

    I start my basic training in June and as i have about one million years of trade training i was wondering when and how long any leave that i would be entitled to was?
    I was hoping to go to a festival but I’m pretty sure its smack bang in the middle of my basic. So I’m doubtful that i will be going.
  2. In the navy you get standard block leave during training (phase 1 and 2) with the occasional bit of leway for taking individual leave days. I took 1 during phase 2.

    I presume the army's the same, standing by for incoming though.
  3. You get block leave in training so it's fixed dates unlucky
  4. Do we know what the dates are? Or do they vary?
  5. used to be a weekend off after 6 weeks, then if you were lucky a weekend off at the end of basic. After that it was block leave during trade training.
  6. Really? Youve not even started yet and you are more interested in a festival? Did you make the wrong career choice? Just concentrate on the job in hand and enjoy what time off you get.
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  7. did anyone say i was more interested in the festival? or are you just looking for a bit of confrontation?
    when asked by my friends if i was going to the festival i have always responded by saying "i hope not because i hope to have started in the army by then" but if there is a chance that any leave i have will coincide with the festival then i could do with knowing in advance.
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  8. ok thanx for the help.

  9. Shut up you fanny, anyone whose ever started a new job wants to know how much your paid and how many holidays, if you say different your a liar.
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  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I wasnt, I wanted to know when we got the black suits and sub guns!
  11. fanny? ouch.

    Calm down cupcake.
  12. Depends what you are joining, think infantry Is a long weekend after week 7, then after pass out can be anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending what your battalion is doing or if you are going somewhere else (incremental public duty coys for guardsmen etc). I assume non infantry have a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending when phase 2 starts and then leave will vary from course to course but will be arranged by the unit. Hope that helps
  13. Actually i had a similar question, and this seems the appropriate place to post it. My brother is getting hitched in september and i'm his best man. The wedding in on a friday evening, if that makes a difference. On account of the fact its a family event would that be taken into consideration or would i be able to specifically request that friday and saturday off?! I know it would probably depend how far through basic i was and would probably be more acceptable in phase 2 than phase 1, but was curious as 1: I'm not putting off the army so i can go to a wedding, and 2: would rather give my brother notice about finding a new best man. If all else fails do you get weekends off pretty consistently in phase 2 or not. I'm joining the infantry if that helps so all trade training so to speak will be done at catterick. Thanks for any replies :D
  14. In trade training the block leave dates are usually based around the school dates - ie Easter, two weeks in summer and Christmas/NY plus you might get training breaks in your course programme dependant on how long the course is and whether they can fit the breaks in (and on whether you get duties/driving course etc during them).

    You'll be lucky if your long weekend in basic falls on the same weekend as the festival though.
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