Leave during training.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by swansea84, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys quick questions you can all help me with.

    my partner will be due to drop baby close to the end of my training what would be the chance of getting 1 day of to be there for her??
  2. All you can do is speak to your chain of command and see what they say....but be prepared that the answer will be NO as unfortunately babies dont give precise ETAs for one and you may find out that its during a very important phase of your training. All you can do is let your Platoon NCOs know the details nearer the time but don't go in on your first chat with them asking for time off as it might seem that your hearts not in training...........another idea is to see if you can get a later start date after the kid is due but this will be hard (not impossible to do with allocations)
  3. I'm glad someone asked this as I was going to ask and didn't want to get shot down for not using the search function. What if you're getting married and it falls within Phase 1?
  4. You aint going no where during phase 1 mate from what i heard.
  5. Not strictly true. You will get one long weekend during Phase 1 training. Check with your AFCO and ak them if they have a week by week break down of the course, or search google, I have seen them before on there.

    Also, you need to take into account that you may get back-squadded or injured during your training which will get you put back during the training plan, and this will influence when you go on your long weekend.

    If you are getting married mid-phase 1, I suggest you contact your AFCO ASAP to arrange that you enter the following course as you will not be able to take leave for that reason, or just postpone the wedding!.
  6. Postpone the wedding or postpone joining up, one or the other.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    But that's when the bus load of nurses normally arrive for your first bop

    That's why people tell you it's an urban myth because they all go home and miss it
  8. If your going to ITC Catterick at the end of week 6 you get a weekend off, at the end of week 18 you get weekend off, then I beleive you get 10 days off at the end of week 26 (28 for guards and para) before you get to Battalion

  9. Thats not 100% right. You get a long weekend off at the end of week 5, you get 2 weeks off after week 13 (tac ex 1). You also get another long weekend around week 20ish. After you pass out you won't necessarlily get 10 days off, it depends when your batallion want you. You could go straight away or you could get a few weeks off.
  10. Ahhh and i thought the 2 weeks off was just because its Christmas for my Training.
  11. Then you will get 2 weeks off at Xmas and no more.
  12. And theres me thinking 4 weeks off :)

    I wasnt even expecting 2 weeks off.
  13. Regarding that, me and Swansea here both start October 31st. This will put our long weekend about 1 week short of Christmas leave won't it. I imagine they won't want to send us home for 2 days just to come back for 5 then leave for 2 weeks? Are they more likely to say do 7 weeks and miss the long weekend then do Christmas leave?

    No real reason for asking other than curiosity really, I have no drama's with however they do it.
  14. You will probably get your long weekend on week 5 then come back then go on 2 weeks leave. However don't take that as gospel, it's upto the platoon staff how they want to work it.