Leave during Phase 2

Hi all,
will be starting phase 2 at Keogh in the later half of next year. My question refers to weekends off. I've been invited to a wedding in Sept and it's going to require a bit of cash outlay for the weekend. What are the chances of getting the weekend off?
I don't really want to lay out the cash and then not be able to go.

Thanks in advance,

If your not on Guard duty or a working weekend then I would imagine that you will be able to go. Not sure on how Keogh works now but every course I have been on there has most weekends if not all free.
At Keogh you don't work weekends, and if you happen to be scheduled in for QRF then you can swap with one of your mates to get the weekend off.

Also when you get there don't book train tickets for specific times on a friday, cos you never know when you'll finish

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