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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by chatbox, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have a step by step guide to submitting leave claims on JPA this thing is doing my head in. Keep coming up with red error messages. There is no guidance on the actual screens. A few of us here want to put claims in but he clerks don't know how to do it either? Can anyone point us in the right direction?
  2. As I am no longer entitled to claim for leave journeys, I can't help you with the details. But a JPA problem that I experienced a couple of weeks ago (a red error message) and which I immediately reported to the Help Desk, was quickly pursued by their staff, to my satisfaction.

    Have you reported the error message?

  3. I tried to put in for relocation leave, as I have just arrived in new job and didn't get my buckshee two weeks. Red error message, so I gave up. I suppose I'll just stay in work....
  4. In the RAF we are still putting in manual leave forms as doing it through JPA causes problems as it doesnt allways pass it to the correct line manager! it's not designed for the frequent movement of people, mine was still addressed to a snco who has been out of the RAF for several months!
  5. I got the error mesaage also when JPAing my relocation leave. I spoke to the JPA Leave clerk in the RAO who then created an entitlement. Sorted.
  6. Ok rang JPAC and I was doing it wrong they tried to explain how to do it by getting an approval first then submitting in a seperate part quoting the approval number. Are there any clerks out there can give a step by step break down of how to submit a leave claim on JPA.
  7. Ok are there any HR administrators out there who can help. Oh sorry no the answer is ring JPAC, why do we still have clerks or HR administrators as they like to call themselves now. Do you do any work?? All we get in our admin office is ring JPAC so why aren't you clerks made redundant??. Just goes to show none of you know anything as you couldn't answer my original question between you.
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    They are all far too busy sorting out JPA to go on ARRSE :D
  9. Unit HR Admin (movement clk) will be instructed toadd a leave entitlement such as relocation leave, but can only do this on receipt of an Assignment Order. Once input onto JPA, you can enter your leave details:

    1. click on Self Service
    2. Click on Leave of absence
    3. Click on absence request
    4. Complete your details and submit

    Not all requests via JPA go to your Line Manager, therefore let them know via email or other means of your intentions.

    Hope this helps

    from a busy clerk
  10. not really as i wanted to put a leave claim in i have already put a leave application in. As usual a clerk that gets half a story doesn't listen and gives me the wrong answer. thanks for nothing.
  11. Mate, you're on ARRSE, someone's tried to help and they haven't given you the answer you needed.

    No need to get shirty with them.
  12. Follow the instructions 1 to 4 you dipstick
  13. with an attitude like that, no wonder you've not received any help. don't waste our time
  14. Just for once why doesnt the Army give the Clerks (or HR Admin Staff) a break!! They didnt invent the system, nor did they decide who was going to do what !, They are learning a new systen just the same as us! If you treat em like dirt what do you expect, the Regiment I am with has produced an idiots guide for the guys and gals and so far it has worked. I am not Pro JPA but its a system we have been given and its up to us to make it work.