Leave at Easter (During basic)


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I have found a couple of things on this through the search function, but the reason im confused is possible due to either misinformation I have been given, or possible out of date info.

I was just wondering what the situation is in regards to leave during basic training (Pirbright) over Easter.

In one instance I have been informed that I may just get another long weekend (just have the Friday and subsequent Monday off) and come straight back into training.

Where as in other cases I have been told that I would have a whole two weeks off over the Easter as the base would be shut. I understand the best time/place to ask this question would be once I get there (shortly), but id be grateful if anyone has any knowledge on this and would be able to comment.



when I did phase one on 2001 I started in the january and passed out in the april, we had no time off for easter then, things could have changed these days, I highly doubt it though mate, camps dont go on shutdown for easter usually.

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