Leave at Blandford?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by miamoo, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone, hope I'm ok posting here.
    My son has just finished his basic training at ATFC Winchester, he starts Blandford tomorrow for his phase 2.
    He is doing a 6mth course, but has to wait on camp for 4wks before his course starts.
    Does anyone know what leave he will get at Blandford, I know he might get weekends off, but as we live to far from
    camp he wont be able to come home then.
    Will he get any proper leave?
    Also what will he do while he is waiting for the course to start? Thanks for reading
  2. I think you should ask your son:?
  3. Show a little patience. He'll find out tomorrow.

    If he's there for 6 months, he'll get Xmas leave.
  4. Hopefully he will be Shagging the Naffi bird,or some grot down town.Hope this helps
  5. Yes mate, he'll be on tasking for the first 4 weeks... Now depending on what taskings they give him, he might get put on "available for taskings"... During this time he can book off as much leave as he wants, so long as he leaves enough days left for the course leave that will be programmed into his course.
    Course leave is usually a week every 7 weeks.
    Hope that helps!
  6. He'll find out tomorrow...

    but he 'may' get leave in that 4 weeks, he may not. Depends what he volunteers for both voluntarily and by acting the scrote (if he is prone to do that). He may get to play enemy for the Sgts course.

    The holding troop (what ever it is called now adays) usually do quite well in ensuring the lads waiting for course are ... shall we say 'entertained'. He may even get some driving lessons in if he is extremely lucky.

    The used to ship them up to Swanage to work on the railway there.

    Within the course structure there will be leave booked in, and the odd week may also come up due to kit being used else where or instructor programming. He'll get Christmas leave for example.
  7. Thanks very much for the replies, I know I'm being impatient and he will probably find out tomorrow, but he doesnt always pass on
    the info to me. I'm glad he will get leave at xmas (I wasn't sure he would) any more will be a bonus :) thanks again
  8. Well, he may not. He could get Christmas guard...