Leathermans in Training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by re0790, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello chaps! Starting my training in September for the Sappers, but im currently working in a shop with sells outdoors stuff and get a 40% discount. I was thinking a leatherman would be useful but didn't know whether it would be allowed in my basic. Anyone got any advice :?
  2. yeah you would be allowed 1 well we allowed our crows to have them as thier knife in thier ex kit cant see a problem
  3. Cheers mate. It didn't say on my kit list so I thought i'd ask on here. Do you get issued with a pocket knife or anything like that, or is it left up to u to buy ur own.
  4. Hey, you could make a bit of money there ole son. Buy a few at 40% discount and sell at a profit.

    A guy in our unit done it in the early 80s with the Aladdin unbreakable flask.

    BT. :lol:
  5. Didn't think of that! I can get a load of them Aladdin flasks as well.
  6. They might take it off you in Phase 1, but a when you turn up at Gib you can use it.

    Leatherman - sign of a good Combat Engineer.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Leatherman also nickname for a complete tool!
  8. RE just dont wear it on your belt until your on exercise and keep it locked away, just speak to your section Cpl when its time if you can use it. Regarding selling things to other recruits be careful as it could get you in hot water but theres always a time and a place.

    You shouldnt have a problem in phase 2 and trade training however but dont wear it on parades. I thought drinking 15 pints was a sign of a good combat engineer :? it was when I was attached to them. :D
  9. Cheers Iron. Might as well get one then. Don't want some thieving gypo to nick it though. 15 PINTS I think i'd be in a coma if i drunk that much!!!!!!!!!
  10. Good job ure not joining the Infantry then or it'll be 20 pints.

    BT. :lol:
  11. Being in the world of intial training a Leatherman should not be a problem so long as you only keep it in your Exercise kit. Someone has already mentioned an Aladin Flask (a 'jack flask', ie one brew flask is also worth considering). Finally invest in a zippo.
  12. Where are you an instructor at Modfather, and also whats a zippo?
  13. A zippo is a refillable lighter.

    When i passed through Gib barracks some years ago for my combat engineer training everyone was after a leathermans.

    Just make sure you keep it secure or it may disappear.
  14. Yeah no doubt some thieving twat will try and have it of me!!!!!!!!!
  15. only a mover! (fcuking hate movers!!!!)