Leathermans for all

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by b1llst3r, Jan 25, 2002.

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  1. .why dont we all get a nice new shiny leathermans after all itll be more use than a sa80
  2. Would the wearing of them be compulsory?  Just with CS 95 or also with barrack dress/service dress.

    We could follow the lead of the RAF Regt - apparently it is now in their dress regs.
  3. RAF Regiment, dress Regs ??? Is there such an animal?, surely 'dress regs' would suggest a reasonably organised, disciplined force, I can't recall any of these words springing to mind when considering the Airfield Guard Force.      

    ( Yes I know I am on the wrong Board to be slagging the 'Crabs' but Hey, no opportunity should be wasted )
  4. in reply to mr ash plants comments maybe we should get a gerber instead after all we wouldnt want to be tarred with the same brush as crab air
  5. Maybe we could do Leatherman Drill an an ATD?!! :D
  6. We certainly couldn't issue Gerbers, the Household (appliance) Division would have us scotch-brighting them silver...
  7. There is no drill on a leatherman!
  8. Leathermans should be issued to all soldiers, regardless of rank, unit etc.  They are extremely useful and are the only true 'force multi-plier'  ;)
  9. Bluenugget - good call.  

    We had a DS on Div 2 who was known as leatherman because he was a complete tool!
  10. Red 5 - you legend. Force multi-plier, utterly brilliant...
  11. Nope its got to be Gerber its got little springy things and a can opener that works backwards!
    and a whole host of other pointless stuff on it.

    But the knife is bloody sharp!
  12. I saw the Canadians in Bosnia in 96 and they all got issued a Gerber, except for VMs and Engrs who got a Super Leatherman. I figure giving everyone a Leatherman would be cheaper than all the money spent on trying to make the SA80 into a weapon instead of just replacing it with something good.
  13. Yes we should all get them. Mind you at my last unit the RSM deemed we werent allowed to use them, or even have them on our belts!! Proper tools for the job, yeah right obviously never had an UBRE start gushing,"hang Sarge just got to find the 17mil spanner, it's here somewhere"

    Mind you Techs should have the blades removed, cant trust the little buggers with sharp things!! :p
  14. Given that size is of obvious and paramount importance, we should just have the SA80 bayonet permanently attached to ones belt - after all it has a sensible saw and useful wire cutters and a thing for sharpening other things on
  15. The bayonet also has the ability to  bend (very useful for going round corners!), shatter and it has the cutting ability of a plank of wood!