Leatherman Wave Repair

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Legs, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a Leatherman Wave repaired? It's actually probably a really easy fix. The blades in one of the handles are very loose. The screws, however, are wierd shaped and no screwdriver (including star shaped). I can't find the receipt because I've had it since Telic 1, so I assume Leatherman won't be interested.
  2. Try them, they might be interested. After all good publicity for them if you've had it that long.
  3. I handed mine into Tisos who sent it off no questions asked maybe any stockist would be able to do the same?

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  4. I think its 'security torx' screw driver not sure what size you need you should be able to get the 1/4" hex inserts for a 1/4" hex driver
  5. Write to them and ask, they used to be guaranteed for 25 years, (although not sure if that has changed)( It has not), and the Wave has not been out that long.

    I broke one of the original leathermans and got a new one sent out no problem.


    BTW Google is your friend!! :eek:)

    Leatherman Warranty: International

    WHITBY & CO.
    LA9 7BY
    TEL:+44 1539-721032
    FAX:+44 1539-729573
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Send it back to Leatherman - I did for repair and they sent me a new one telling me to be more careful in future at no charge.
  7. Ive sent mine off to Leatherman in the states a few times. Keep braking the file! They send you a brand new one, as its easier to give new than to fix. send it to a Mil address as customs leave it alone then.
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  9. I sent my Wave back through Whitby & Co for a broken pliers tip.

    Sent on a Monday returned by the Friday no questions asked.

    They have a 25 year guarantee so you should be covered.

  10. Leathermans (Leathermen?) don't use security Torx - it's a very similar design, but it has five points instead of six.
  11. Thanks. I've stuck it in the post!
  12. Can also be sent along with Gerbers to :
    Silva Ltd
    Unit 7, Elphinstone Square
    Deans Industrial Estate
    EH54 8RG
  13. Damn! That's about 5 miles from my new house. I could have just popped over!
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  14. Thanks for that... just down the road. And if a 10year old Leatherman is good... I've had mince since Bosnia. The end of the blade has just snapped off. I'll drop it into them...