Leatherman Vs Gerber

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mark0497, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. I have had a Leatherman for years ... but since someone decided to help themselves to it, I now need to replace it ...

    Anyone have or had a Gerber .. Which is best ?? Where offers the best prices ??

  2. I used to have a Leathermans, very handy, and good quality. Better than a Gerber in my opinion.

    If you want a multi-tool, buy leathermans. If you want a good folding knife, buy a Gerber.
  3. Whereas I always found the gerber multi tool better.

    Horses for courses really, depends on what you are using it for.

    A gerber for the finesse required of an ammo tech

    Leather man for ham fisted Recy Mechs.
  4. I prefer my Gerber. Mainly because it was free.
  5. Gerber - I've had the same one for about 15 years, it's lost a its file and one of the blades over time but it still earns its keep.
  6. Multitools - in my experience (and admittedly its over a decade out of date), a piece of kit used by people in inverse proportion to their technical skill, and in direct proportion to their laziness in finding the correct tool for a job.
  7. Must be something in people helping themselves to your Leatherman. Same story, although I knew the culprit. A ******* chook (Corps of sigs radio operator) 'borrowed' mine and failed to return, upon questioning of "can I have my leatherman back", replies of "I gave it back". Anyway enough of babble more of opinion:

  8. Bollocks.

    What when there are no tools? (Company choice, not mine.)

    Personally, where Gerber are brilliant is in the scissors, they are damn near tin snips where Leatherman are a bit weak in that department,
    However, with a leatherman, you do get the option of the extra bits, which can lead to a mini toolkit all by itself..


  9. As Gadgwah says, Bollocks!

    Not everyone can or will carry a collection of tools everywhere they go. The multi-tool is very useful for many tasks when you are not traveling with boxes of tools. I used to own a sailboat and would never leave the dock without my leatherman. When my son was old enough to bike to the harbour and sail on his own I bought him a Leatherman and made sure he was carrying it when he headed to the harbour. He usually had it on his belt at all times.
  10. Leatherman, just a shame the buggers don't float:frustrated:
  11. That is why they have a little place to attach a lanyard. It works. I wish I had put a lanyard on my new pair of bifocals. Somewhere in Massachusetts bay a striped bass is using them to take a careful look at all bait and flies.
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  12. I had the same problem with a pair of Randolph Engineering (US issue) pilots glasses.

    David, a solution for some things that need help floating: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005GLLHIM/?tag=armrumser-20

    Mark0497, don't you know anyone out at a BFPO that can get you a replacement from a PX? I'd offer to get you one from here but by the time postage and customs have taken their slice it isn't worth it.
  13. My experience is bollocks? I ******* doubt it, I was there. I did say though, that it was over 10 years ago. The number of people I saw in green kit who bought themselves a multitool, and instantly thought they were now a qualified spark/ vm/ tech/ whatever, was vastly greater than the tradesmen I saw using them. No doubt people are issued with EMER's/ AESP's/TM's/ whatever the nomenclature is today (and the knowledge to use them), when issued with one of these bits of kit.....

    As an emergency backup tool, they are ok, but nothing more than that.

    As an aside, a septic National Guardsman VM equivalent had similar views. He carried one of these in a pouch on his belt, and reckoned it was far more useful, and less likely to get stolen 62579.jpg
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  14. Couldn't agree more. Ive lost count of the amount of times I've seen people in a workshop struggling away with a leatherman when their toolbox was feet away. Spring loaded gerbers are the way to go now though!
  15. Spot on. I concur