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Following on from my rather disasterous thread about the big knife :wink: , I was wondering about the new Leatherman folders. Are they any good and is it worth me buying one. :?
Yes. I recently upgraded from the super tool to the Wave and it's a quality bit of kit.

Some people swear by leatherman or Gerber. The choice is yours.
No I meant the actual folding knives, not multitools. I already have a Wave and it's a bit uncomfortable to use as a stand alone blade. Any help would be much appreciated. And don't worry this isn't coming to Cranditz for training.
I know this isnt waht youve asked but the Gerber Gator knives are excellent.
They do look good but I want to stick to a brand I'm familiar with. Also I work in a shop that can order Leathermans but not Gerbers.
.....Staff Discount everybody, Staff Discount.
Looked at them yesterday - blades seem robust and lock is fair, but handles seem to be a quite soft plastic. Undoubtedly this will be some sort of space-age 'ballistic nylon' or somesuch, but I decided against it as I would probably melt the fecker or something.

A word of warning, please bear in mind that carrying any folder with a blade length of greater than 3 inches (7.62 cm) is regarded as a chargeable offense by plod unless you have good reason to be carrying. ALL knives with locking blades INCLUDING MULTITOOLS are similarly regarded, whatever the blade length.
However, I have it on good authority that service personnel in uniform with valid MOD90 are regarded as having fair cause to carry. Personal experience, ahem.
I have the H502 with additional screwdriver heads, the blade is 3.1 inches so as freedomman pointed out you need to be very careful when carrying it. This is more so in Scotland.

It is a well built piece of kit.

I used to have an old Wave and I upgraded that for a surge, it is a lot heavier. The old wave is fine for most things.
Get yourself over to Germany and visit the PX. The prices of all knifes, gerber, leatherman etc and maglite torches are well cheap.
I also agree with the Gerber Gator recommendation.

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