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Least heard sentences..

Had this asked me the other day - What are the least heard sentences that you've come across, or have made?

For example:

1) Peter Mandelson is an awfully nice chap, and really doesn't deserve to be called the Prince of Darkness.

2) "Yes, love, that outfit does make you look fat."

3) Squiggers is able to come up with a thread that won't involve him being called as a twunt for nearly all of it. :D

Any ones anyone can come up with?

Incoming.. 3.. 2.. 1...


I'm sure the aviation types will be able to debunk this almost certainly apocryphal story, but:

Last words on the cockpit voice recorder of a 'plane flying through some mountain range at an altitude of 12,000 ft.

"Hey! It says here this mountain is 13 ..."
Captain on the bridge of the Titanic, "Where the fcuk is all this water coming from"

Mayor of Hiroshima as a lone American bomber flies high overhead, "Is it me or was that a bright flash"
I can categorically guarantee here and now that Boarding School Allowance will never be cut......CDS.


It made men of William and Harry, doing selfless service for their country, so all my children are going to do the same and join the armed forces........a Politician.

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