Least favourite politician

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Pile, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. I've started this in the NAAFI bar so we can all express our true feelings on this bunch of complete muppets!  
  2. although i have lived in states for 7 years istill get urges to neck shoot that lesb0 beeatch claire short-she is typical of the current trend of fat ugly man heads who have no physical or mental talents so the only way they get any attention is by gobbing off about their warped view of equality [which is kind of ironic as i ve never seen so much genetic inferiority] all of this could be remidied by 5 across the eyes followed by someone burying their junk from mouth to a55 to mouth and giving her the male attention she craves so much
  3. tony liar, the only man on earth more insincere that bob monkhouse. and the fact that he will use the forces to pull him out of holes but will still hate them and cut them with a vengence.
  4. Tony B Liar is the most swarmy, slippy toe rag i have ever known. He makes my flesh crawl ;D. If he told me the sky was blue and the grass was green i would check.

    Mind you I dont like any of the above either!
  5. For fecks sake, I can only choose one of these wankers? What a sad bunch of red pinko craven cowardly ex-commie, never worked for a living bunch of twaats you picked...
  6. Clare Short.......'cos she's a fat dyke who needs a bag over her head!  And if she wants to sue me...........come on then ya fat ugly lezzer!  Speak up luv.......can't hear you for the bag!

    Oh. is that an edit I hear a coming my way?
  7. Why has the word D.Y.K.E. been banned from the site.  I find it most annoying, as this practice severely interupts my conversations on Dutch Sea Defences.  
  8. No.... ;D
  10. im probably going to get lambasted here but tony blair is very popular here in the us ofa as he is one of the few world leaders that has stood tall on the iraq deal-although if it were up to me BRING BACK MAGGIE nayone called the iron ladys pint a puff
  11. Ya MA did???!!!!
  12. Of course Blairs popular in the US, that's his plan. Feck up the UK then when he gets his aarse booted out of parliament go to the US after dinner speech circuit at 200K a flop.

    That bastard is a true socialist when he's in Europe, but bans the word socialist here in the UK. At least Thatcher had ideals and stuck to them, Blair would sell his granny for a vote.
  13. Maggie Thatcher, Love her or Hate NOBODY can deny she put UK Ltd back on Track and Changed its name to GB Ltd on the world stage.

    New Labour is the triumph of image over substance.
  14. Pick anyone there all as bad as each other..

    P.S. Stagger - it's Gordon Brown that does the budget not 2 jags prescott..
    glad your up to date ..he he hehe
  15. Swagger, I'm sure your on drugs.  Gordon (is a moron) Brown looks after the job of fooking up your bar bill, and possibly raising my mortgage payments beyond my means.  

    Gordon (again, is a moron) Brown should have been beaten to death with the red budget case after this budget.  He (in my view) is the most powerful out of the rest of the them (including Tony Blairwitchproject).  This man promised you the world, and then took it all back with interest.....................