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We can't even rattle enough enough bodies to keep more than one toy one fully functional, NFC at rounding up 6,000 for that thing.
I get 'page not found'. It's not their April Fool, removed in the last few moments, by any chance?

Assume that it isn't a 1 April story... It's a mad, mad, mad idea. The JFK was one of the most expensive ships to maintain when decommissioned in, what, 2005.

It would cost lots of money we don't have to get it back into full working order.

It would cost lots of money we don't have to get the crew trained in using it.

It would cost lots of money we don't have to lease or buy an air wing

And, most critically, doing so provides no rational excuse for bringing the Harrier back into service.

But apart from that, a fantastic idea.
Cant find the article. Its complete rubbish for several reasons.

Firstly, all US Carriers are too large to fit into any UK naval base.
Secondly they require north of 3000 crew to sail and about 2500 crew for their airwing. This means we'd need 25% of the RN (not including RM) to put her to sea.
We don't have any CTOL aircraft in service, and we don't have funds to put one into service ahead of JSF. Such a process would take many years by which time CVF is in service.
JFK is nearly 50 years old and is in a very poor material state. Add to this she is built on systems which are not in wide UK use so it would take years to train to use her, by which time CVF is in service.

Why would the UK spend money to solve a problem that doesnt exist?
"That thing" being a failrly accurate description. "Big John" is comprehensively f8cked and was so long before decommissioning.

Like Sunno, the link doesn't work for me either. I can only assume it's some sort of bizarre delayed 1st April flashback!
Perhaps ive made an ARSE of the link but here is a cut and paste of the article sems a bit far fetched to be honest

The United Kingdom has shocked the defence world by announcing a temporary lease of the USS John F. Kennedy, a subclass of the Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier, and the last conventionally powered carrier built for the United States Navy. It is understood this lease also includes 17 early generation Harrier aircraft.

This ship is due to be restored and transferred to the UK’s Royal Navy by September of this year, along with the Harriers.

This story will be updated this evening as the news is just breaking.

could be April fools but it is dated today -
Wasn't that the article just above the SLR buyback/reintroduction scheme?
It's still BS.

If you are going to use Harriers - and early generation? Which means AV-8A/GR3. Please... - then you go for a retired LPH which can accommodate 20 of the things. But that still comes with all sorts of costs. And restoring Kennedy by September this year? Yes, right...

I say again - it is an utterly, sphincter-tighteningly stupid idea both conceptually and in terms of the basic facts.

Which, of course, means that it is not entirely possible to rule out...
All in the same week Ark Royal Goes to the scrap yard!!!!! the more i think of it the more nonsensical it appears
Apologies if it has stirred a non debate.


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still cant see anything - it would be a bit daft to take on a whole carrier when we could just borrow some harriers for what we do have left while there are still crew who understand it so we can maintain carrier training.
It may have been a cunning ruse to get hits on the site, of course...

Or an idea floated to see how long it would be before a certain bearded SHAR pilot ran with the idea in the same way that he believed that the RAF was making a bid to take over the Parachute Regiment when that spoof was floated prior to SDSR...
Perhaps its the start of the privitisation process of Defence; Crisis in the middle? east put it out to tender to those countrys who still have Armed forces 1x light role brigade with attendant logistic and air support required quotes by the 1st of june please!!!!

Yes i Know I would get my coat but im allready at home on a day off.
If we were going to borrow a Yank ship to fly some borrowed Harriers off of something like the USS America, as it's far closer to the type of carrier we're actually getting.

But they'd be unlikely to lend it to us, and if we borrowed Harriers we might as well just the ship that we've already got which was designed specifically for flying Harriers off of.


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