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Learning your job!

Heeeeeyyyy yoooouuss,

Ive tried to do some reaserch for my question before posting here, but nothing seems to answer it really. My question is about different employments in AAC. Hope you lovely bunch can help.

Here goes;

In some regiments for example Royal Signals (which is what i was in) after youve gone through basic you go to phase two where you begin training in your respective job: drivers go and train to be drivers, radio operators go and train to do just that, and storemen... blah blah. Anyway, from what ive gathered, in AAC you complete phase one then you go to phase two and learn a small portion of different employments eg: four weeks comms, two weeks ground handling etc... Sorry i'll stop beating round the bush before you hurt your head on the key board :sleepy:

So guys when do you get to choose your job and train in that aspect? Do you actually even get a choice or do you get put where youre needed? And does it depend on what regiment you go to?

Hope you can make sense of my Q's :?...

Fankoo kindly :wink: :wink:

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