Learning to drive.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jon752, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi. I start my phase 1 training March as a a Combat Engineer at ATR Bassingbourn. Since my chosen trade was "Bricklayer and Concreter" It seams highly unlikely that i would learn to drive. Could anybody please shed some light on the matter.


    (Sorry for any mong spelling.)
  2. Hi jon not relevant to your question but do you start basic on the 2nd march?
  3. Yeah 2 March.
  4. You will probably find yourself on a driving course relatively quickly - or did you think your friendly SNCOs would do all the driving while you sleep in the back seat?
  5. Haha nope, Infact i want to learn to drive.
  6. You may find yourself on a driving course in between finishing your B3 and starting your trade course. Especially if you have a long time to wait between courses.
  7. Thanks for that. If there is a long time would i be sent home or would be sent to another base?
  8. Deffinatly sent home. on buckshee leave DEFFINATLY
  9. Sent home?! In between courses you'll be part of Talavara Troop my lad, which is a holding troop for Sappers in between courses and awaiting posting. You'll get to carry out all manner of tasks; Guard, playing enemy, guard and a whole host of other great jobs. But while you're there the Tp will try to get you on other buckshee courses and adventure training.
  10. Ok thanks again.