Learning to drive.

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by cmt...hopefully, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. My folks live in North Gloucs, very rural, so when I'm on leave, that's where I'll most likely bunk up.

    I heard that you can learn to drive with the army, I'm just looking for some info on how/when/where I can do this.

    I'm 9 weeks away from Phase 1.

    Cheers guys.
  2. All depends if its relevant to your trade to have to have a driving license - so I wouldn't hold your breath!
  3. What job are you going for mate?
  4. DC - he'll get the same answers as he gets here - we do tend to read the other forums aswell!
  5. More than likly to get put through the training once you get to your first posting. A soldier without a driving licence isnt really musch use in the wider world.

    Once you get to Regt make sure you pester your MT and they should sort you out, then stand by for a load of sh1tty details!!
  6. U can also go private then claim back afterwards
  7. That sounds like an idea.
  8. The army will generally provide you with opportunities to get your license, but only if manpower permits or if they can see some form of direct benefit from putting you through it. Don't expect it as soon as you ask for it, though.

    You could pay for it in civvy street if you want it sharpish, but you'll probably then need to take leave to do the course.
  9. If u get posted to germany you will be lucky to get your license at all! cmt's have very low priority at getting driving licenses! took me a year of constant badgering to get the course. Should be done in phase 2, not much use not being able to drive!
  10. there's more chance if you can badger the mto, if he sees there's a demand he can run a regimental course. so get load of you bothering him for a course he can then justify running one. he can even request Driving Instructors from within the garrison

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  11. done mine in a church yard..........drove the hearse to the church!