Learning to drive with trailers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sentinal, May 17, 2004.

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  1. Hi all

    Just a quick question for all you out there, new and wanted ur feedback. Im in the TA and have just been FAMed on the land rovers at my unit but i dont have a trailer license yet, would my unit be able to get me one or would i have to go through the civvy way and pay my self, also does anyone know what the test would involve for it if there is one?

    any help appreciated
  2. They'll put you through your trailer test at some point, you need an LGV(or HGV, or Something GV) related liscence, is it +E? Not sure, anyway they'll get around to putting you through it at some point, talk to your SPSI and you might get it withing about oohhhh 2 years.


    PS I know this and have only just done my second weekend of recruits training, don't they tell you anything..? Actually knowing what some of my bunch are like probably not.
  3. Thanks, yes the licence is a B+E and i should be getting it soon apparently, spoke to my SPSI today - thanks for the reply and i am not surprised that i hadnt been told - that would acctually mean my unit know whats going on!!!! :roll: