learning to drive at phase 2

Discussion in 'REME' started by dobi-wallah, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. as the title states , will i learn how to drive at phase 2 bordon , going in as a metalsmith - if they ever give me my phase one date

    will they teach me how to drive , or isit worth me learning before i go so i can drive home on some weekends ect?

    cheers in advance
  2. Metalsmiths are not taught to drive at phase 2 unless demands required. So cough up some green do a weeks intense driving lesson and pass your test. Buy a cheap shit banger and coin in the moolah doing home runs at the weekend for your mates. I did in 1989 and it meant I had beer tokens to impress the chick enough so that her trolleys fell down without assistance.
  3. cheers for the info , pretty shit tbh , think they should just teach everyone to drive but with the cash atm i can see why they dont , see if i can get some cash together for a driving course then , get some desposible income for impressing the local fanny
  4. Just LOL.

    You realy dont want to impress the local fanny at Bordon.
  5. i live in catterick atm so tbh i think bordon might be an improvement , and if not atleast its a change :)
  6. An improvement on what? Chicks from the north that have been run through by squaddies, to chicks from hampshire that have been run through by squaddies. I'd keep it in your pants mate at Bordon, lots of nasty STD's flying around.
  7. Particularly WITHIN the camp, having had the privilege of meeting a few such examples.
  8. As a metal bender you will get your b cat off the army poss c but your course comes first. Unless your waiting around for your metalsmith course you will do your licence after it.