Learning Spanish - Update

This is an update to an origianal thread where I asked for "top tips":


I have now been studying Spanish for just over 2 months and thought I could give an update as to what online resources I have found which work for me - in case it might be of help to anybody else.


I have approached learning a new language from several angles:

Immersion: just listening to the language, without worrying about whether I understand it or not - getting my ear "attuned"
Following a set course
Supplemantary grammar study
Supplementary general study

1. Immersion.

Spanish TV: My cable TV supplier has "TVe" which is the main Spanish TV channel. Lots of chat-shows and soap-operas, but at the moment I only understand a little of childrens Television.

Spanish Radio & TV online: rtve.es

Extr@ Spanish: A 13-part series for beginners which is a bit like "Friends". (episode 11 where they travel to London, and come to grips with a stroppy Liverpudlian waitress is hilarious)

LomasTV.com: (You have to pay for this) - An excellent site with tons of music videos, and "soaps", all graded and with both Spanish and English text. I have found some excellent Spanish music, and it's a great way of learning. The soaps tend to be more difficult - so I haven't begun thos yet.

YouTube: So much stuff, it's impossible to list.

2. following a set course.

Synergy Spanish: Courses | Synergy Spanish Systems Blog worked very well for me, after compling "Synergy Spanish" I have signed up for "Bola de Nieve". Basically the contect is introduced gradually, and you build on what you know - and learn to speak (not just listen). It goes reasonably fast, with as little "chit chat" as possible. Whenever I walk anywhere I listen to it.

Spanishdict.com: Has excellent grammar lessons - and is structured as a full course. Amazingly is free.

BBC "Mi Vida Loca": BBC - Languages - Spanish - Mi Vida Loca A good and entertaining introduction to Spanish. Gives you a "starter" vocab for normal situations. However, if you listen to all that is being said in the background, you will pick up more.

3. Supplemantary Grammar Study. YouTube has many channels with a Spanish Theme, some better than others. Ranging from someone who isn't even Spanish trying to explain grammar without even using a pencil - to channels with "full on" graphics. Spanishdict.com is already mentioned, and has some of the best grammar explanations. I also like "Practiquemos" - although the lessons are very comprehensive. "tontitofrito" is also an excellent channel.

4. Supplementary General Study: Learn Spanish Free Online | 123TeachMe Learn Spanish online with Spanish Wizards | Interactive Vocabulary with Pictures and Audio, Audio and Grammar Lessons and childrens e-books (more challenging than you suppose)

In summary, there has never been a better time to learn a foreign language - the resources that are available now are amazing.
Is the Spanish spoken in Cuba vastly different to the spanish spoken in Spain ?
I have a spanish flashcard app on my ipad, its aimed at kids but came in handy last year.
Is the Spanish spoken in Cuba vastly different to the spanish spoken in Spain ?
I have a spanish flashcard app on my ipad, its aimed at kids but came in handy last year.
Very much so, although I've not been to Cuba :)...I spoke good standard Spanish in my 20's, I then went to Mexico and Peru/Argentina. With the educated classes it was O.K although the differences were marked, the moment you went into the normal world I seriously struggled and if you went small town/rural forget it, I also speak good Polish (Parents) but in the mountains/SE/NE Poland its like another language..mind you I have a 'Geordie' mate and I seriously struggle there as well.. :)
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