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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mark1234, May 17, 2008.

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  1. I've been learning pashto for a while now using Rossetta stone, before you know it and a US DoD flash program, just wondering if there are any courses open to the TA to take it further? And how fluent would I have to be to get on such a course?
  2. Any links to these courses/sites?
  3. I had to buy them all mate, the rossetta stone one cost over hundred quid .


    Before you know it has a demo version but the sound files are missing so you can only read the pronounciation.

    The US DoD one I bought off ebay item 200224513985 .

    I have just bought another one from an Irish site, not sure how good it is yet though as Ive not recieved it. But it was abut 30 quid.
  4. I'll have a dig around on monday at work and see what I can find for you, I'm sure there's one
  5. we get issued with a language book of simple everyday relevant things, i'll have a dig if you want??
  6. When do you get this, at chillwell?
  7. Mark, the pashto essential phrases book is a PDF file on ArmyNet.

    I presume your irish Pashto course is EuroTalk, using it at the moment, it's not bad.

    I can't say enough good things about Pimsleurs Farsi , which in under a month had me yakkin like a proper badmash. to the level of being complimented on accent and conversation in a local Iranian restaurant.

    As far as I can remember, the DIN for entry to Beaconsfield is listed under courses on Defence Intranet. if you PM me your modmail addy, I'll send it over on D2F.

    From memory, there is a short test in your language for a diploma of some description, but I may be confusing that, and will need to check it.

    Myself and one other were offered the language courses at Beaconsfield, but were required to FTRS for it and a two tour committment.
  8. Thankyou for that hantslad, but that is only really an option if the reccesion hits hard and my buisness goes down the shitter.

    I can do one tour max, but definatly don't have enough time to do a 15 month course and then 2x6 month tours, I wouldn't have a job to go back to.

    It would be ideal if they ran a shorter version of this course, say 6 months followed by a six month tour for the TA. 15 months is a bit extreme, it must cover writing in pashto as well.
  9. As others have stated, there are courses at DSL on a FTRS basis. They probably start one each year and they're all taught from scratch, although there is an option for joining later if your ability is at the appropriate level. You'll probably find that the Pashto you've been learning is the "wrong" sort (no two native speakers seem to be able to agree on what is correct Pashto/Pushto/Pukhto... delete as appropriate).

    Good luck!
  10. Yes it is euro talk, had to pay for it in euros via paypal.

    Like I said in previous post though, theres no chance of me taking all that time away from my civvy job, I can just about commit to doing my units upcoming herrick trawl , and that is making massive sacrifices as it is.
  11. I have been learning afghanistan pashto and pakistan pashto, mostly because the software is so hard to get hold of I have to take what I can get.
  12. It might, and I stress might, be possible to get on to a course and only take it up to "survival" level, that would take about 14-16 weeks, but whether it would be deemed cost effective or not depends on whether you would be deploying straight away and what role you would be filling.
  13. Try a package called

    "Accent on Afghanistan" - very good for basic operational words and military phrases.

    Have used Rosetta - good grounding but for Mil specialist words and phrases accent is good
  14. I was wrong about the before you know it program, it does have sound files, just my pc's flash player needed updating. Not great though, the best one (or most useful for us) is the US servicemans flash program, you can get it from HERE but it's a bit of a con because they are basically selling something that was given free to soilders for 12 dollars a time, and the only cost they have is bandwidth.

    I can now say "don't shoot I'm TA" in perfet pashto.