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Discussion in 'REME' started by dobi-wallah, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. just found out that the next intake for metalsmith is not untill september , im not sure i can realy wait this long as im out of work atm and not likley to find anything soon , so how easy or hard isit to learn a different trade while you are in , so say if i went for my second choice of vm , how likley is it that i could re-trade after a couple of years in ?
  2. Just wait, thats not that long tbf.
  3. Alot of lads here are on SNUT or solder not under training, basically waiting for there trade course, it's really common and you'll just be in the same boat as them.

    Doing bullshit jobs and getting lots of time off basically.

    Most vm's and metalsmiths are on snut for a considerable while. And when you've signed up for a certain trade your slotted by the army into that trade as there is a space and cannot easily retrade unless real reason or they would prefer you elsewhere.
  4. Just join up. Then after basixc in say May, you can go on a special cadre to get you early promotion and do the course as a JNCO. Think of the fanny that will be after you in the Naafi.
  5. Its prob september because i think there is only 1 trade course a year for metalsmiths- it starts March (Could be wrong)
    But a lad i passed out with in august starts his trade training as a metalsmith in march this year - thats a long while doing guard duties and other random bullshit

    so be thankful you wont have as much of a long wait when you pass out after starting in september
  6. its long enough when you have no income
  7. It took me about 5 months between walking in the AFCO, to starting basic. Then you're there over 3 months. Then to Bordon where I waited 8 months to get on my metalsmith course. At the time they were running 2 courses a year. I believe last year they had 3 courses. With only 12 people on each course, and the course itself taking (with block leave in between included) 8 or 9 months... It's not a quick process.

    Metalsmith's a good trade to have. As a career, a lot of people will say it's sh!te, but I can't think of anything better for job satisfaction.

    You don't wanna be a VM anyways... 'pack out, pack in' - mechanics my arrse... Glorified fitters the lot of 'em ;)
  8. BBQ / bike rack fabricator = metalsmith ;)
  9. We do an excellent supply of Nut and Bolt Men too!
  10. Very true the whole training wing is full of those buggers from bored smithies.

    Also comment about VM's also very true ! theres thousands of them here all to pull one gearbox out and put another in.
  11. I waited 14 months from the day I walked in my AFCO till the start of my basic course. 14 weeks at basic then 2 days off then onto SEME. only had 3 days on SNUT here in 6 months, may be because I am god's chosen trade who knows.
  12. is it just the REME that is such a hasstle to get into or is it just going in as a senior , should of applied earlier and went as a junior
  13. And your knowledge of VM's is? Cheeky young scamp!
  14. I get to watch them play with spanners whilst I remove yet another sheared bolt/stud that the cretins have snapped off having not cleaned out the threads, or just plain cross threaded the previous time that wagon was in for a job. =D

    Can't deny the cheeky young scamp bit though