Learning Mandarin - any suggestion for sources?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by viceroy, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. I am thinking along the lines of podcasts, apps and such things. Though if someone has a self study book they can recommend, I would be interested in that. I can produce all the sounds required but frequently get them wrong, so an app that speaks would be good. Thanks for all the recommendations.

    I have a weekly class with a teacher, this is just to work on it in my own time.
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  2. Chinese Pod is a good start. You can acquire their course via other sources.
  3. What sort of depth are you looking to go into? Basic touristese, business Mandarin or HSK6?
  4. BuggerAll

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    I found that the best way to learn Cantonese was one of these language instruction systems. I'm pretty sure a similar system would work well for Putonghua
  5. A friend in Manchester became a keen traveller in South America, so he studied Spanish, but also found some Spanish societies where they meet to chat and he was made welcome.

    Have you asked around, there must be a similar set- up forChinese people.... you might even get a deal where you chat to teach them in English and vice versa?
  6. I use 'New Practical Chinese Reader' (ISBN 978-7-5619-2622-2). There is a workbook for self-study, and a text book (both of which have MP3 discs and on-line resources). It's aimed at beginners who wish to rapidly ramp up their skills.

    On-line resources abound, and they are so diverse you are best Googling and experimenting with the style that suits you.
  7. It's Hell in the trenches, you know...

    Where I ever got the motivation to keep at it, I've no idea...
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    I speak fluent Mandarin and that bird is taking the piss. Hai sha lang zheyang suan roughly translates as "I did your mothers small dog".

  9. Or a number 26 as my local calls it.
  10. I didn't realise. I wasn't listening to her.