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Yes but, I knew an elderly carpenter who kindly offered to help me with some DIY.
I was ready to use a cordless drill to put a screw in. No he says, watch this.
He takes the screw and hits it with a hammer, he explained that only the last few turns of the screw really do the work.
He then took a screwdriver and finished the last few turns.
24 years on it is still there.


Let the saw do the work, you're just there to steer it (even taught a 6yr old girl this, so grown ups really ought to be able to do it!); same with a hammer, mostly

Filing a smooth curve is EXACTLY the opposite of what you'd think, you start on the far side of the curve and sort of push the file forward & the handle downwards,...... so the file tip moves upwards and bit of the file contacting the work moves backwards... (one of the first things I learnt in metalwork & still can't describe it properly! but it works & makes sense if you look at it from the side) (better on metal than wood - no grain to think about)
Are you free next week? I can offer 50p an hour and a cup of tea and a small cake halfway through the day...


Steps to where ? the street? look nice but there seems to be a perfectly adequate asphalt drive there ? What are the side gulleys for? self watering system? Steps look brilliant, turf looks shit (I'm being honest) you need to roll the edges in mate, that's just going to shrink weather and watering dependant. All you do is butt up an inch more than the joint needs and roll and tuck in, go over with roller and all will look great in two weeks.
Doing stuff at home is good, I am all for it. I have been landscaping for 20 years now and my place looks like a tip. I'm on a fencing job next week for a couple of days yet can't be arsed to sort out my own decking .
Gulleys for a hedge and self watering system, agree on the lawn, I didn’t prep the ground properly either so it went to shit from there, only hope is that it’s a hardy grass will recover in a few seasons, I was out there yesterday and really don’t like it but it’s not coming up!
Are you free next week? I can offer 50p an hour and a cup of tea and a small cake halfway through the day...
Depending on circumstances, I'm free, Mr Humphries!

This small cake...French Fancy. hmm?
And references, yes. Not too handsy, or (if so) warm , uncalloused hands.

Left hand down bit, there's a dear.
George? Don't do that
(and so on and so forth...I apologise, I appear to have entered a mid C20th wormhole)

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