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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have experience of working with soldiers of this type?

    I understand the army can provide help but as a TA soldier I've not had to deal with frequently, what is it??? I've been told that I could send them to a DELC but most have jobs and DELC doesn't have instructors on weekends.

    Problems I've seen is severe dyslexia and IT illiteracy. Home come some aren't picked up on the recruit selection weekends.
  2. Once OAR steps in this shouldn't be a problem as all recruits will do BARB etc to keep them in line with the regs....
  3. They do the same tests as far as I am aware but don't get any help (the regulars will accept a recruit at a far poorer standard as they can sort them out - we don't have that luxury or the intent to provide it)
  4. Is he your PSAO?
  5. Cheers, will look them up later

  6. This is where OAR is going to get very interesting. An "informal survey" (which may or may not have kicked off OAR) a couple of years ago revealed that "selection" for the TA was decidedly variable and in many cases was pretty much the ability to pass a medical (and subsequent mobilisations through RTMC have revealed that some unit MOs and "retained" GPs basically have only checked that the candidate seemed to have arms and legs) and fill in the application forms with assistance.

    The feeling from some capbadges was that if the regular BARB standards were rigidly applied to the TA, recruiting would completely dry up in some areas.

    Any thoughts ?
  7. There tends to be a "feeling" that if bodies can pass Phase 1 and CIC then they're fit enough!

    I have, in the past, "encourged" those coming in not to continue with the TA if more obvious problems have arisen. This has included those just too dim to learn and not capable of passing the old paper based entrance test, which I used to do in my TAC on a Tuesday night. I don't know what paper tests are done at the moment, and I'm not sure, or believe, that any are being done! I liked being able to test walk ins when they walked in with their paperwork because it allowed me to weed out those who were too dim to learn and would waste time and money.
  8. Is the new OAR process on the web anywhere.

    We are struggling to recruit already for high pay band trades. Recruits seem to go DETAPO or low pay band trades, we are missing mr joe average.

    I can't think of any solution other than waiting until TAC has moved to a better educated part of town (in 2 years!)
  9. Kit, you should be ashamed of yourself for making statements like that. Just because a guy has a learning disability doesn't mean he hasn't got the heart of a warrior! I'm told that in reg inf there is about 40% with a reading age of 8 or so, does that make them wastes of time? Take yourself outside and have a word! :rage:
  10. Polar, have you tried speaking with your local AFCO to see what interest there is in the TA coming across their door that never manifests itself anywhere?
  11. Our PSAO seems quite good in that area, we've have had several ex-regs over the years. We do work with at least one careers office in our area.
  12. Well, I did consider taking myself outside and bollocking myself after an hours drill. But then I remembered our Company Location "Special Child". Anyone clever enough to climb into a pigpen and attempt to kill a full grown sow with a ballpin hammer is very special.

    I've had my own special lad, eager, keen, never stopped turning up. Got called up and did bloody well. Was the best training tool for junior NCO's, if he understood you, then anybody could. He passed the old paper test after 2 attempts.

    All a low reading level means is that that person has been badly educated. Someone who is technicaly a Moron (which actually means someone who's intellectual development stopped at between 7-12 years of age) is never going to be fit for service. There is a difference.
  13. Kit, that was bang out of order.

    I had a lad in the bed space next to me on CMSR, had a lot of troubles in his life, did a bit of bird etc. I'm not defending him for his crime, but he was one of the most keen soldiers I've ever met. However, he nearly failed his WHT due to the fact he couldn't read his handouts. He kept this quiet (understanderbly), we found out and that night, we tried to draw the WHT, he ended up passing. We had many instances like that but we never jacked on him even if we had to stay up to the early hours. Then one day in front of the entire course, one of the (meanest) instructors asked him to jot down some notes for one reason or another. When said Cpl asked (in front of the squad) to read what he had writted down, my oppo stood there sheepishly. Cpl goes over to him takes the notebook from his hand, sees theres a bit of scrawl on the paper. "Are you taking the fucking piss? Why havent you taken my notes down? Can't you read or write? Are you a fucking spastic boy?" The hard as nails 26 year old man burst into tears in front of the whole course. My section knew what was coming but couldn't do anything. For the course critique, he asked me to check what he'd writted was ok. It was fine (afterall it doesn't require Shakespeare to say that we knew Eskimos hotter than the cookhouse curry) but it was on par with my 7 year old brother, in both spelling and handwriting. The lad had serious problems and it was actually heartwarming to see him in the NAAFI after the passing out parade grinning like a cheshire cat with his family. I don't know how he's got on with his career since but I sincerly hope from the bottom of my heart that he is successful and hope to see him one day on tour. He was really trying to shed his demons and build a life for himself.

    *puts lamp down*
  14. The level the army recruits at is very low, in terms of NVQ its two levels below NVQ 1 for some jobs. However the army expects to get the soldier to NVQ 1 standard during recruit training. I'd like to do the same but I think its a but of a forlorn hope.

    Will be interesting to see what we get when we both recruit in the same part of town. We've turned several against joining ur unit but went to Rifles instead (from ours)
  15. I thought we just re-directed these people to Sandhurst! :twisted: :D

    Only kidding guys :D