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I`m not sure if this topic has been fielded before. Prior to my Regular Service discharge in March 05, I signed up for Extended Learning Credits (ELC) in 2004.

I am currently still in the system as NRPS and would appreciate some advice as to:

What can you claim?

What claim forms and who they are certified/submitted to?

Non deployment and kids getting older has left me with some time on my hands in the evenings as opposed to being on Ops all the time :twisted:

Information on ELC seems sparse (maybe I`m looking in the wrong places), as I am now toying with the idea of doing an OU degree and using ELC towards the cost.

Any pointers by ARRSE members as to where to look for the info on ELC would be appreciated.

Regards and Merry Christmas.



War Hero
the_matelot said:

Many thanks Matelot, never even knew there was an internet site. :eek:
No worries. That website should explain a lot. If not, let me know and I'll try and answer your questions. I'm not a schoolie but am very knowledgeable in how to milk the system for personal development!! (Well, no other fcuker is going to do it for me)

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