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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Rowums, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know the best books to buy to learn Arabic? I am an absolute beginner when it comes to knowing the words or grammar, though I have learnt how to read and write Arabic off the internet.
  2. If you wait until you join the Int Corps they will probably give you a book and a course so you can save your money for booze
  3. That is a very valid point, but wouldn't it show more initiative if I started it myself before I joined?
  4. Go to Arabland, load of em speak it there!

    Or have you tried enquiring at a local CAB or Mosque?
  5. go to the sandpit youl soon lern all you need to in arabic
  6. That sounds like a better idea.

    If you did apply to be an OPMI (L) and undergo language training, it wouldn't be until after you've completed your first tour as brew-bitch/Map Storeman etc. Also, in accordance with Defence Language Policy, the Army doesn't recognise civilian language qualifications. In order to be employed as a linguist, you'd have to qualify as a linguist under STANAG 6001
  7. Or you could apply for a job as Special Envoy with the Church of England...
  8. I started learning some simple words when I found I was going to hot and sweaty places, just so I could make simple things understood. The big problem (for me as an english speaker) is pronounciation; it's not like German or French which share a lot of the same sounds. I'd really really recommend a book/CD combo with pronounciation guides on the CD; you can get them at most big bookshops. I'd look for one that covers common words rather than conversational arabic, which is a much bigger subject!
  9. Arabic language books are usually a safe bet. I wouldn't bother with Harry Potter or the latest Gerald Seymour. Although, by reading the last bit of your original post, sounds like you could do with mastering English first. :lol:
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  12. Cheers cutaway those should come in handy :lol:
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    Next time Dizzy is on, ask her. I know she is about to start a course on Arabic. Maybe she could give you some pointers?
  14. Am I stating the obvious or does this page have lots of links to language training? Sorry. Anyway, there are several packages available on Amazon (look under 'Gulf Arabic'), most of which come CDs and books so you can work on the written language and pronunciation. They are a good starting point and pretty cheap at around £20.